We spell excitement with J-I-V-E!

September 24, 2014

By Laura McCullum, Community Engagement Analyst, 7Summits

As JiveWorld14 draws near, we can feel the anticipation and excitement bouncing off the walls! Only 27 days until Jive kicks off the event of the year… not that I am counting or anything. So what is all the excitement about? Where do I begin… I can start with all the wonderful people you will meet or maybe even all the knowledge that will soak into your skin. There is so much to be excited about, but here are a couple of items that I know you will love!

J – Jive, Jive, Jive – everything Jive!

It is so incredible listening to all of the professionals tell their story and be able to relate to “someone like you”. We live in a new world, a world were everything goes social but not many people can relate to what you do. Here, there are thousands of people that know what Jive is and when you explain what you do… they get it!

I – Inspirational atmosphere and never ending knowledge sharing.

The second you walk into the conference, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of the people there. Everyone is excited and anxious for the adventures to begin. From the Keynote speakers to the table talks, there is inspiration and idea sharing everywhere. I am not sure any keynote speaker can beat Eddie Obeng, definitely one of my favorites!

V – Views of Vegas from the Cosmopolitan towers are amazing!

Take a picture and share your view, then watch how everyone else does the same! It is amazing to see all of the pictures and be able to share the view with fellow Jivers!

E – Experience of a lifetime.

The views of Vegas and the invigorating atmosphere are just the start. The lessons you will learn and the people you will meet will stay with you. You will find yourself wanting to go back every year just to see the people you have connected with and hear more about their stories. What experiences will you bring to JiveWorld with you? Everyone is eager to hear your story!

W – Wide breadth of knowledge.

From beginner to expert there is every level of knowledge in one building. If you are a community newbie, have no fear… your head will explode with knowledge as it soaks up every session like a sponge, and your heart will be aching for more at the end of the night. For the experienced Jiver – you will spread your wisdom and stories the whole week. Everyone loves to hear the success stories and the failures. We all learn from each other and can grow together, whether we are a newbie or an experienced Jiver.

O – Opportunities to meet resources & partners.

There is nowhere else where you can meet a room full of Jive partners! The possibilities are endless with Jive; learn how you can make a dream community by talking to the numerous partners and resources available!

R – Relaxation…. just kidding.

Relaxation is for when you get home – you’re in Vegas!!! You will be so energized and excited for the day ahead, you may not sleep at night. I have heard the stories of Jivers staying out all night to soak it all in! Once you start Jive’n… you just can’t stop!

L – Lounge, yes lounge!

An ALL DAY Hacker Lounge!!! This is a techy’s dream, you get to sit down with actual Jive Engineers! You can’t get much better than that….except for a Beer Dark 30: 4 hours of late-night hacking, pizza and beer. You’re a developer in Vegas at night, what else would you do?

D – Dedication.

It is so empowering meeting other people that are so dedicated to community. Whether they are discussing their internal business solution, or their external support community, the dedication to living, breathing and feeling a social business is empowering and inspirational!

1 – One The Chandelier Bar.

Not only is the focal point of the Cosmopolitan Resort, but the #1 meeting spot to meet fellow Jivers.

4 – 4 Twitter handles to beat.

Can you beat last year’s tweeters? @jeffmurnan @roguen_keller @LAMB27 @katiebroberts They are the running champions and iPad winners, can you beat them this year?

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