AdmissionsConnect: Transform the way you recruit, retain & engage prospective students

March 16, 2015

AdmissionsConnect by 7Summits

AdmissionsConnect by 7Summits

At 7Summits, we’ve been working in higher education for over 4 years. In that time we’ve worked with a number of schools to deliver online communities across the student lifecycle – serving prospects, students, alumni, faculty and staff. One area we’ve spent a lot time analyzing is admissions and enrollment management. We have learned a lot about the various gaps and challenges that schools face when trying to find, recruit, engage and retain prospective students in a fiercely competitive market with a dwindling number of applicants.

Today’s prospective students are in high demand, and they know it. The social media generation has trained themselves to tune out the noise and traditional marketing—so simply finding them isn’t good enough. To be competitive, you need to provide an engaging and interactive admissions experience that highlights why coming to your school is the right choice.



Think of it from the prospective student journey, and all the steps they have to go through to get to your institution. Today they have to navigate so many options, including a variety of digital destinations and communications from Google, school / professor rating and review sites, email and print campaigns, application forms, social media, EDU and admissions websites. Given this reality how does your institution compete in a crowded space, and stand out?

To address these challenges I’m excited to announce the launch of AdmissionsConnect by 7Summits — a new community solution powered by Salesforce that helps your institution transform your admissions and enrollment process through a tailored online community experience. As the product owner, I couldn’t be more excited to share some details about our solution.

As a consultant, I have witnessed firsthand the financial impact a successful admissions community can have. In fact, schools that have implemented admissions communities are seeing steady and quantifiable results. For example:

  • Increase best fit prospective students
  • 25% increase in applicant retention
  • 30% increase recruiter productivity
  • 5% decrease in deposit melt
  • Decrease application turnaround time

These results are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AdmissionsConnect. Leveraging our proven community expertise and best practices, it is the first community solution that is designed specifically by admission and enrollment leaders for their admissions teams and recruiters. Additionally, AdmissionsConnect offers other benefits:

  • A reduction in recruitment marketing costs such as purchased lists, ad buys, and email marketing campaigns, which lets you reinvest those dollars in other areas
  • Find the right prospects by engaging them on an owned social media channel with personalized marketing efforts
  • Guide and streamline the admissions process for prospective students, increasing applicant retention by up to 25%
  • Build a highly targeted database and Social CRM of engaged “best fit” prospective students
  • Create a unique and one-of-a-kind admissions experience that is unlike any other schools’ experience, and will dramatically improve your admission numbers and create a competitive advantage
  • Improve recruiter productivity by up to 30% by minimizing time spent chasing prospects and searching for information
  • Engage your student, staff and alumni advocates to engage and help to close prospects

Our AdmissionsConnect solution is designed to equip your recruiters with the innovative community solution and proven best practices you need to truly transform your admissions experience by recruiting, engaging and retaining best fit students.

Schedule a demo today, or check out our solution overview:

AdmissionsConnect by 7Summits from 7Summits on Vimeo.

AdmissionsConnect by 7Summits


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