Social Business Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Connect more members to your cause with communities

Nonprofit organizations that employ social community strategies through Salesforce can source ideas 30% faster and get a 57% faster response. Our community expertise can help your members get connected to the right cause at the right time.

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Explore the value of communities for Nonprofit organizations

Amplify the leverage of your resources

Bring people together, reach more people, and help achieve your organizations goals by unleashing people to participate, create, and innovate in new ways.

Community solutions help:

  • Foster more participation and engagement from members throughout their lifecycle
  • Employ in-context fundraising competitions
  • Extend constituent data and processes

Create more value for members

Bringing teams together and sharing data across your institution helps you plan and execute smarter, faster investments.

Communities help deliver targeted experiences for:

  • Recipients
  • Donors
  • Staff
  • Board

See communities for Nonprofit organizations in action

Enactus : Empowering Sustainability

Industries: Nonprofit
Products: Salesforce Community Cloud

Hazelden Betty Ford

Industries: Healthcare, Nonprofit

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