Social Business Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers use communities to streamline and innovate

The manufacturing industry, known for its complex supply chains and short product life cycles, needs an efficient way to collaborate throughout the entire production and distribution process to take products to market smarter and faster. B2B online Communities help manufacturers increase enterprise-wide collaboration, manage relationships along complex supply chains, and use consumer insights to kick-start innovation.

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Explore the business value of social for Manufacturing companies

Foster collaboration across your enterprise

Communities drive collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the organization, bringing teams together and breaking down departmental and geographic silos.

Employee communities can:

  • Help coordinate your departments for better efficiency
  • Allow easier expert identification
  • Reward company heroes and top contributors

Align complex supply chains

Connect one end of your industry to the other. Integrate supply, manufacturing, distribution, and demand. Communities can be used to improve coordination and communication with suppliers, making it easier to manage relationships across a distributed, multi-tiered network.

Partner communities help organizations:

  • Manage business relationships across a multi-tiered network
  • Improve coordination with suppliers and distributors
  • Locate the people and documents you need to answer questions fast

Propel product innovation

Online business communities allow organizations to solicit input, monitor sentiment, and, more importantly, understand the intricacies of how consumers use your product and what voids new products could potentially fill.

Customer communities let organizations:

  • Mine discussions for new product ideas
  • Get real-time feedback, metrics and marketing insights
  • Create a fan space to trade brand stories and share tips
  • Find ingenious new ways to use products

See communities for Manufacturing companies in action

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Panoptix by Johnson Controls : Product Marketing Community

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