Social Business Solutions for Higher Education

Build connections and school pride around a vibrant community

Higher Education is more of a business than ever before. To stay competitive, schools need to attract the right students and foster a life-long connection with them while they are there. Drive deeper engagement everywhere in your organization with features like user generated study or discussion groups, public Q&A boards and group event planning.

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Attract the students that fit well and excel on your campus by showcasing your school’s culture.

Then provide an experience that guides prospective students seamlessly through the admissions process.


  • Increase enrollment by up to 30%
  • Increase applicant retention by up to 25%
  • Improve recruiter productivity by up to 30%

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Students demand around-the-clock engagement and access to resources wherever they are.

Your campus community provides your organization:


  • Improved student retention
  • Crowdsourced research and student insights
  • Continual and responsive student support
  • Reduced support costs (self-serve)
  • Built-in mobile design

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Alumni are looking for an opportunity to reconnect with the place that gave them some of their best memories.

Provide them with everything they deserve: professional networking, career development opportunities, targeted directories and branded, up-to-date information about their alma mater.

  • Re-engage lapsed alumni
  • Increase donations and referrals
  • Capture and highlight success stories
  • Facilitate student mentoring
  • Support professional networking

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Empower your faculty to collaborate

Your administrators and staff can work in step campus-wide, while faculty is empowered to freely collaborate on research projects, lectures and campaigns with powerful community tools.

  • Increase departmental cooperation and collaboration
  • Communicate school-wide messages faster and to a broader audience
  • Improve learning by liberating teachers and educational resources

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See communities for Higher Education institutions in action

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Socially integrated schools
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Integrate social into your institution

  • Our relationship with 7Summits has completely changed the way MSOE looks at the admissions process and the way we interact with prospective students. Bridge has given us so many tools to reach out and communicate.

    Dana Grennier, Director of Digital Marketing, MSOE University
  • The Community has been transformational for our school. It has given us a better understanding of our students’ motivations and drivers, so that we can help them get the most out of their education at Penn Foster.

    Dara Warn, Chief Marketing Officer, Penn Foster
  • This portal will satisfy our internal goals of increasing employee engagement and is the first step towards our ultimate goal of creating a socially-connected campus where our students, alumni, and employees can connect and collaborate.

    Doug Wotherspoon, VP of International and Strategic Priorities, Algonquin College
  • We have been able to launch a community where CPA Exam candidates can now connect with others for support and advice while preparing for a high-stakes exam. Candidates are excited every day to have a place where they can have specific conversations around their experience with others going through the same process.

    Jenna Lucchesi, Becker Professional Education

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