Social Business Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Communities can bring payors, providers and patients together to improve patient care and reduce costs

Healthcare doesn’t get more personal or have higher stakes. HIPAA compliant communities allow providers, payors and patients to collaborate throughout the entire care continuum, improving patient outcomes, increasing the value of care and reducing costs.

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For Providers

Easy physician collaboration means better patient outcomes

Healthcare organizations are upgrading from narrow-use physician portals to powerful, HIPAA-compliant social communities, thereby opening up communication channels, reaching a greater number of doctors and nurses, and ultimately increasing patient satisfaction.

Physician communities provide:

  • Seamless communication between administration and physicians
  • Collaboration among clinicians
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Improved value for patients

For Payors

Attract new prospects and grow your member base with online communities

In the wake of healthcare reform, consumers now have increased buying power when it comes to selecting both care and insurance. This provides payors with an opportunity to create a personalized, educational and seamless customer experience, which can attract new members and give them every reason to stay with your business.

Member communities can:

  • Engage and attract new members
  • Automate enrollment and claims handling
  • Help to anticipate customer needs
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve messaging

For Patients

Patient engagement is a top priority for healthcare organizations

Patient support communities can guide patients through their care journey and provide a customized and supportive experience that fosters prevention.

Patient communities provide:

  • Access to health information
  • A place to interact with clinicians
  • A way to explore services
  • Peer-to-peer engagement
  • A personalized experience

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  • 7Summits had the battle scars, not just the philosophy. Their extensive experience and expertise in social intranet strategy and activation is what ultimately led us to choose them for the project, and we've been very pleased with their work. We've worked with the same team throughout the project, which is critical. We made the right choice in selecting 7Summits.

    Jamey Shiels, Aurora Health Care

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