Social Business Solutions for Financial Services Companies

Social business strategies can increase investment volume and foster stronger customer relationships

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding in their interactions with financial institutions. 7Summits unlocks the power of communities to help financial institutions deepen customer relationships, enhance product innovation and cross-selling efforts, and streamline processes.

Discover the 5 key ways that communities help insurance companies enhance their customer experience.

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Explore the business value of communities for Financial Services companies

Increase investment volume

Bringing teams together and sharing data across your institution helps you plan and execute smarter, faster investments.

Employee communities help companies:

  • Respond to clients more quickly and move faster on investments
  • Share investment strategies and tips
  • Provide quick market and portfolio updates to team members
  • Share relevant research to support your investments

Create a personalized client experience

Being responsive to user preferences and service requests is a top industry benchmark. Champion customer trust and loyalty by providing a uniquely personal banking and investment experience.

Customer communities provide:

  • An easy and intuitive community design for the next generation of investors
  • Information at customers’ fingertips
  • Self-service capabilities

Enhance product innovation efforts

Customers have more banking options than ever. New products and services are critical to growth, and picking the right enhancements and product launch strategies often means the difference between success and failure.

Communities spur innovation by:

  • Soliciting customer input on new products
  • Monitoring sentiment about potential products or services
  • Better understanding what voids new financial products could potentially fill

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