[WEBINAR] The Power of Collaboration: UX Design for Community

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The Power of Collaboration: UX Design for Community

The days of gathering all your internal and external advocates in one room to talk only about your company are gone. And the days of getting your new trainees together in person and presenting them with a one-stop binder of all the materials they need are fleeting. Companies need to adapt their online presence to match the changing times. 

One way top companies are grabbing control of the conversation and getting new resources up to productivity faster (along with countless other benefits) are by embracing digital communities. 

Watch as an expert panel of user experience (UX and CX) design specialists from 7Summits share why digital communities are a great choice for any organization, as long as you match your business, content and user needs to the right features and functions. Walk away with modern design best practices and identify where you fall on the Digital Collaboration Maturity Curve.

Not all companies need the same level of interaction, but all companies need the insights and business value unlocked when you gather your audiences on a collaborative platform and let them build your business for you. Let us show you a few examples of how to get started, or enhance, your community experience.

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