The Emotion of Design: A Conversation with Don Norman

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One of the biggest mistakes companies make today is standing up a customer community and thinking it will solve every self-service problem out there. However, as a result of stand alone communities, we’ve seen customers continue to struggle with finding what they need and businesses facing decreasing engagement. Many focus on implementing the right technologies, but forget to consider how that technology fits with the customer’s emotions and helps them move forward in their flow of work. 

Coveo and 7Summits come together to bring you a discussion with Don Norman, American researcher, professor, and author, covering how great UX goes beyond design. Viewers will learn:

  • How to use design to enhance intelligent experiences
  • How emotion impacts self-service
  • Key factors seen by Coveo and 7Summits in successful UX within communities
  • How AI can deliver the relevant experiences that people expect

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Webinar Presenters

Don Norman, American researcher, professor and author
Bonnie Chase, Coveo, Director of Product Marketing
Bill O’Neil, 7Summits, SVP of Experience Design