How to Consolidate Your User Journeys with a Digital Experience Platform

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Your users expect a frictionless experience when they interact with your brand, but disparate resources and disjointed tools make streamlining your users’ journeys difficult. It’s time to embrace the value of consolidating your systems with a single Digital Experience Platform.

Whether you need a full migration or want to bring your systems and resources together in a way that makes sense, consolidating on a Digital Experience Platform helps you streamline processes and delight users. We’re here to help you understand what a DXP is and how it will generate value for your organization.

Watch 7Summits’ digital experience experts in this hour-long webinar that includes:

  • An overview of what a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is
  • What your users expect out of a modern digital experience
  • Concrete tips on how to migrate and consolidate your systems with a DXP
Webinar Presenters

Shannon Gburzynski, 7Summits Director of Community Enablement

James Davidson, 7Summits Senior Vice President of Vertical Strategy

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