An Introduction to Intelligent Experiences

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Companies must adopt the Intelligent Experiences their users expect–and take care to do so correctly. This hour-long webinar introduces Intelligent Experiences with simple definitions, actionable takeaways and plenty of examples.

As technology becomes more and more advanced and less and less understood, the mismatch between the expectations of consumers and the experiences companies provide grows.

Buzzwords like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are everywhere and have been for nearly a decade now. Consumers (who can’t even tell you what these phrases actually mean) now expect polished versions of these capabilities in their interactions with companies. And companies (just scraping by with basic machine learning flows) are claiming to meet those expectations.

Webinar Panelists
Shannon Gburzynski, 7Summits Director of Community Enablement
Riz Ebrahim, 7Summits Vice President / Client Partner