Present an Exceptional User Experience with 7Summits’ View

View ScreenshotWhen companies build their digital experiences with Salesforce and Experience Cloud, a lot of them feel like the standard look and feel can sometimes leave something to be desired. Businesses want their solutions to be differentiated from one another, adhering to the branding and other visual standards that they’ve established throughout their organization. While the Salesforce platform offers countless features and benefits, it’s not uncommon to want a customized digital experience that is more unique than the traditional “Salesforce” look and feel.

With solutions like View from 7Summits, organizations are able to create a completely custom look and feel for their list views, helping them stand out from otherwise bland features. View enables companies to present anything they want–from custom data, cases, accounts and more–in a much more engaging way. And to drive even more value for businesses, View still leverages the flexibility of the Salesforce platform to enable these changes with clicks, not code.

This Accelerator, just one in 7Summits’ library of the largest suite of Salesforce LWC applications, helps companies unlock consistent branding throughout their community or digital experience. It can be customized to a grid, list or table view, with powerful search and filter controls that let end users go deeper and find records easily from ordinarily massive lists. 

Let’s say your organization has a ton of data. It is likely overwhelming or just plain boring for your users if you just put list views on every page for them to access resources. With View, you can show this data in different ways, including with images and icons, that allow customers, partners and employees to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Filtering is enabled by description fields, dates, updated status and more, giving control straight to your users to better engage them in your digital experience.

If you have rich content and want more than just a dry list of records, View from 7Summits lets you improve it. Gain more control over your data and how users interact with it, making it easier for you to continue customizing it and giving your customers, partners and employees the UI they deserve. Don’t leave your users aimlessly scrolling through out-of-the-box lists–give them a much more engaging way to find and view everything they need in your digital experience.

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