Salesforce Introduces a New User Experience Designer Certification

Creating digital experiences for your customers, partners and employees requires more than just having the features that your users desire. You need to build your online solutions so that they are well-crafted, visually appealing and match that innovative functionality with how they are designed.

This has always been something that 7Summits has focused on. Our UX Design Studio is one of our core competencies, and it’s important for us to design solutions that delight users and get results. Salesforce also continues to recognize the need for better UX across all areas of their platform. At TrailheaDX 2021, they backed up that belief by announcing the release of a User Experience Designer Certification, which will now allow partners to become certified UX Designers.

Continuing our own focus on UX Design, we want to share an overview of what this certification means within the ecosystem and the role that some of our own designers played in getting this new offering up and running.

User Experience Designer Certification Overview

Building innovative experiences on the Salesforce platform requires having an intimate knowledge of the features and functions available to developers. When creating these solutions, it’s essential to ensure that they aren’t just leveraging that functionality, but that they’re doing so in a well-designed way that makes sense and is appealing to users. Earning this certification helps to ensure that these individuals have demonstrated the ability to do that.

In their official announcements of the certification, Salesforce stated that design “represents a tremendous opportunity to grow the Salesforce ecosystem and ensure the solutions and experiences built on the platform are inclusive, ethical and promote greater product adoption.” They are emphasizing that a human-centered design approach is something that can and should be injected into projects, and are encouraging people in these roles to learn and grow the same way that they encourage developers or business analysts to pursue certifications.

The new User Experience Designer Certification is not just a generic UX one; it measures individuals’ knowledge of designing on Salesforce using the available tools to create visual, functional solutions. The exam is written for people who have at least six months of UX design experience as well as six months of experience designing specifically for Salesforce. It combines platform functionality like flows, charts, graphs, records, Experience Builder and the Lightning design system with more traditional UX practices like prototyping, testing and iteration.

Overall, adding this certification reflects Salesforce’s dedication to creating these great user experiences that are possible on the platform. It is another tool that companies like 7Summits and other consulting partners can use to continue to demonstrate their expertise, grow their education and become well-rounded consultants.

7Summits’ Role in Launching the User Experience Designer Certification

To help get this certification out into the world, SMEs from throughout the Salesforce ecosystem applied to help create it. After that initial application process, three of 7Summits’ own designers were chosen to work on building out the certification. This included defining the Minimum Qualified Candidate (MQC) for taking the exam, looking at the overall outline, and creating the actual questions themselves. 

These individuals also participated in the tech review process, which involved doing the research to confirm that all exam answers were correct and mapping those responses to Trailhead or other external sources and Salesforce documentation to verify everything. 

The UX Designer Certification is perfect for people like those here at 7Summits’ Experience Design Studio. It’s relevant for any SE or designer that wants to get more and more involved in creating great experiences and understanding how the Salesforce platform enables them to do that. 

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