The Uncommon League: 7Summits’ James Davidson on Change Management

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7Summits Vice President and Principal Consultant James Davidson recently authored a thought leadership piece on change management and its role in digital transformations. His insights have proved influential, with other companies taking note of his advice.

The Uncommon League cited James’ article in a recent blog discussing how to successfully manage organizational change. In addition to using his post as a reference, they included excerpts from his article to illustrate the importance of pre-planning for change long before a program’s actual launch.

Excerpt from the piece:

James Davidson, partner at digital transformation solutions provider and consultancy 7Summits, says his company’s process starts with the preparation and definition phases of change and goes through the development phases until the new program is launched. In his case, preparing for change and defining what will be changed and why is just as important as the actual launch process. Without the pre-planning the launch won’t succeed.”

In the rest of the blog post, The Uncommon League dives into other aspects of change management as well. James is featured alongside other industry experts who discuss the speed, emotions and ripple effects that change brings into any organization.

The Uncommon League brings together global business analysis thought leaders in an effort to provide superior business analysis training, consulting and mentoring services. The full article featuring 7Summits’ James Davidson, “From the Top Down: How to Successfully Manage Change in Your Company,” can be found here.

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