Presenting, Connecting and Trailblazing at Dreamforce ‘21

Cece Adams

Disclosure: Dreamforce has been on my bucket list for about 6 years now, so excess enthusiasm may slip through in this post. It’s not often a literal dream comes true! 

Hey there! It’s Cece A. the Manager of Platform Development here at 7Summits, an IBM Company. I recently had the honor of being invited to Dreamforce 21 with opportunities for presenting and trailblazing in person in San Francisco. How did I score one of these coveted invites, you ask? I was invited as a Platform Champions Alumni by Salesforce. As you may or may not know, Salesforce has a Champions program for evangelists to spread the word about different focuses of Salesforce. The Platform (formerly Lightning) Champions program was retired earlier this year, however, we were still honored with an invitation. Awesomesauce!

My Highlights of Dreamforce 2021: 

The Campfire Sessions

Dreamforce 2021 Campfire Sessions

Though not available on Salesforce+, the onsite Campfire sessions provided trailblazers the opportunity to hear about topics that affect them on a day to day basis. The Campfire sessions ranged in topics from External Objects, Lightning Records Pages, Integrations Best Practices, and so much more. (They even included presentations from yours truly).

The Main Shows

Dreamforce 2021 Main Shows

The meat and potatoes of Dreamforce presentations lies in the Main Shows. 

    1. Welcome to the Trusted Enterprise” with Marc Benioff showed us the impact that Salesforce makes, even during a pandemic, tying everything back to Customer 360. We also got to see Marquita Sidbe get a Golden Hoodie AND do a Black Widow pose. Iconic. 
    2. The Future of Admin Success with Rebecca Star helped re-energize us with a preview of new things to come (ahem, SLACK), guidance, and a super awesome video that again has a cameo from yours truly. 
    3. SO MUCH MORE! I couldn’t begin to cover all of the sessions that were available to us at DF21, some of which are available on Salesforce+. For more awesome sessions to review, visit our blog post on Essential Digital Experiences from Dreamforce 21. 
The Ohana

Dreamforce 2021 Ohana

Meeting my fellow trailblazers in person after years of online interaction was the BEST! I’m an active member of the Ohana on Twitter (@cecedoessfdc) yet I hadn’t been able to meet a lot of the people I interact with daily. Working remotely means you don’t even get to see your coworkers often. Dreamforce allowed me the chance to play, dance, interact with, and LEARN with my coworkers. We even got to meet more IBMers, which was a special treat.


After all of the COVID tests, traveling, more COVID tests, an AMAZING night of karaoke with my fellow trailblazers, and two days of learning and adventure, my first Dreamforce was a success. I was able to both present two Campfire sessions and also attend a couple. The Main Shows presented a plethora of information about the future and direction of Salesforce (and its partners), showed us how we affect the ecosystem, and even let me make an appearance. 

Last, but certainly not least, Dreamforce 21 gave us a chance to interact with other trailblazers in a way that we haven’t seen for two years. I was able to hug people and shake hands, high five…simple actions that you start to miss during a pandemic. It made things feel regular for a while, surrounded by super positive and high energy. Dreamforce 21 was a successful event in more ways than one, and I look forward to Dreamforce 22. 

Cece Adams is a Business Analyst at 7Summits and Salesforce Platform Champion. In addition to putting the “C” in Salesforce CPQ, she brings over a decade of Salesforce experience using Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales/Service Cloud, and Lightning Experience to help improve internal and external customer experiences.

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