Top 5 Communities Enhancements in Salesforce’s Summer ’20 Release

Phil Weinmeister

After a bit of a COVID-19 delay, the Summer ‘20 release from Salesforce is on track to hit production orgs in July 2020. I’ve combed through the new features and enhancements related to Community Cloud and CMS and I’d like to share five items that I believe are noteworthy and could have a potentially large impact on organizations using Salesforce communities.

Build Fast, Efficient Experiences with the LWC-Based Template (Developer Preview)

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Screenshot of new features from Summer '20

This will impact zero customers on day 1 of the release. So why would I include this one my top 5 list? It’s here because it lays the foundation for a significant change in how Salesforce communities are used and perceived. If used only with custom Lightning Web Components (no Aura), the new LWC-based template will have a major impact on community performance. Imagine pages — even those with data-heavy or complex apps — loading in a fraction of the time that they currently take. Yes, this will be big.

Pay attention to this space. Once custom LWC templates start coming out, you may see some new faces in the pool of customers using Community Cloud as their digital experience platform. 

Centralize Your CMS Content with Image and Document Types

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CMS is here and it’s moving forward. The number of content types that are available out-of-the-box is tripling in Summer ‘20. Until now, only News has been available. Now, Image and Document types will be available, as well. Things get really interesting when you look at the ability to embed one content type in another. For example, if you add an image when creating content of type “News,” the image is not only embedded in the News article, but also created as a separate piece of content. I’m very excited to see what is coming in the Winter ‘21 release…

Override Standard Actions in Lightning Communities

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This one isn’t terribly shiny, but it will be extremely useful to keep things efficient within communities. Let’s say you have an app that includes custom “New” and “Edit” components today. You can’t simply modify the corresponding standard pages and replace the standard components with your custom ones; you have to control both the navigation (meaning, sending a user to a custom page) and the page itself (meaning, building a custom page to house the custom components). 

This change will allow you to send users from standard or custom components to New/Edit pages without creating separate custom pages.

Personalize CMS Collections

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While this isn’t the end-all, be-all of community personalization (that will come when personalization can be dynamically tied to individual pieces of content), this is a major step in the right direction. Personalize the collections of content (e.g., the set of records) that a user sees based on the audience he or she is a part of (based on community admin configuration).

Super Customize Your Community with the Revamped Tile Menu

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Personally, I don’t use the Tile Menu component very often. Part of that is because we, at 7Summits, built a component long before the Tile Menu that does much more. However, it’s good to see some investment here, as customers who are looking for free options will be happy to have a few more features available to them. Adjust Tile Formatting and Text Formatting to take things beyond your ceiling today with the Tile Menu app.

And…that’s it for now. Enjoy Summer ’20 and reach out if you have any thoughts or questions!

Phil Weinmeister is the VP of Product Management at 7Summits. He is a Salesforce MVP with 20 certifications and has authored three books that guide readers through leveraging Salesforce in their digital solutions.

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