The Spring '20 Release for Salesforce Communities

Phil Weinmeister | January 13, 2020

The Spring ’20 Salesforce release notes are now available. I’ll break down what you need to know about the related Community Cloud release in this post.

When is Spring ’20 coming out?

Note: The dates are for the majority of Salesforce instances. Some Sandboxes will be updated after January 4th and some Production orgs will receive the updates before February 14th.

What’s my take on new Communities features in the Spring ’20 release?

This release feels a bit different from most. There’s a heavy emphasis on Guest User “enhancements.” Salesforce has completely rethought Guest User security and it will definitely have an impact on existing communities that provide extensive capability to guests.

The real story of this release, however, is CMS. Salesforce CMS is now generally available and I believe it will become an even more central figure on the platform over time. For the first time, Salesforce allows true management of content from different sources and its presentation in different destinations.

Reporting and developer capabilities are also fairly interesting items. Overall, this isn’t one of Salesforce’s most prolific Communities releases; it’s probably a bit smaller in scope than what we’ve typically seen over the past few years. 

What are my Top 5 “Must-Know” Enhancements?

I would direct you to the following items as you consider where to focus your attention this spring:

  • Salesforce CMS (Including New Home for Community Experience Builder)
  • Report Functionality: Report Builder for Lightning Communities & View Reports in Lightning Communities
  • Name Change for Community Workspaces and Community Builder
  • Developer Capabilities: Update and Deploy Lightning Communities with ExperienceBundle & Personalize Your Community via the API
  • New Build-Your-Own LWC Community Template
Did I correctly read, “New Home for Experience Builder”?

Yes, yes, you did. Take a look:

Screenshot of the new home for Community Builder in the Spring '20 Release

So, what Communities features are in the Spring ’20 release?

I’ve taken everything from the release notes and formatted it below to see the full list at a glance. The links will take you to the corresponding page for the release note details. Enjoy!

Lightning Communities: Report Builder, Report Run Page, and Flexible Layouts
Developer Productivity
Guest User
Security and Sharing

And…that’s it for now. Enjoy Spring ’20 and reach out if you have any thoughts or questions!

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