Leverage Lightning’s New Features in the Spring ‘20 Release

Insights from Lightning Champion Cece Adams

Cece Adams | March 19, 2020

While the spring season has just begun, Salesforce’s Spring ‘20 release has been in your digital solutions for almost two months. Spring ‘20 was added to sandboxes in early January and was fully implemented in orgs in mid-February. The new release brings a wealth of updates affecting Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and more. However, some of the real gems in Spring ‘20 are those that will help you transition to Lightning Experience (LEX).

For those that aren’t familiar, I’ll let Salesforce explain what LEX is: 

Lightning Experience is the future of Salesforce. It’s where all new Salesforce innovation happens, with reimagined classic functionality and “only in Lightning Experience” features.” –Salesforce ‘20 Release Notes, “Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Update Activates Starting January 7, 2020”

If you haven’t yet converted to Lightning, perhaps some of these new and enhanced features will help drive your transition. The Spring ‘20 release has a handful of key takeaways related to Lightning including the following additions: “Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Update Activates Starting January 7, 2020” and “Use the Readiness Check to Guide Your Lightning Experience Transition.” 

Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Update Activates Starting January 7, 2020

The Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Update was activated in all orgs (where LEX wasn’t already activated) as of January 31, 2020. While LEX was automatically turned on in this update, users are still given access to Salesforce Classic by using Switcher. These changes apply to the following org types: Group, Developer, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions. However, users still need to have the Lightning Experience User permission to access Lightning. 

Additionally, LEX being automatically turned on in your org doesn’t mean that your organization is ready to actually use Lightning Experience. To help you make that assessment, Salesforce has updated their existing tool, the Lightning Readiness Check to help guide that transition.

Use the Readiness Check to Guide Your Lightning Experience Transition

What is a Lightning Experience Readiness Check (Readiness Check)? I’ll again defer to Salesforce to best explain what this offering does: 

“Analyze how well-prepared your org is for the transition to LEX by running the Lightning Experience Readiness Check. This tool produces a personalized Readiness Report that shows which of your users will benefit right away, and how to adjust your implementation for Lightning Experience.” 

Updates to the Readiness Report include the ability to see the report via Salesforce files as well as in the email you receive after running your report. You’re now also able to view updates to the Readiness Check that include new features and customer feedback. Each report is customized to your specific org’s needs and is designed to help you evaluate the readiness of your profiles and features. This also enables users to properly prioritize which capabilities are needed most as you transition. 

Spring ‘20 brings you the tools that you need to begin or continue your Lightning Experience. As Salesforce sunsets more Classic features and expands on their Lightning-exclusive capabilities, more and more organizations should be looking into making the move. Lightning will only continue growing as Salesforce Classic dims, and Spring ‘20 is as good a time as any to take the first steps into the future. 

Cece Adams is a Business Analyst at 7Summits and Salesforce Lightning Champion. In addition to putting the “C” in Salesforce CPQ, she brings over a decade of Salesforce experience using Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales/Service Cloud, and Lightning Experience to help improve internal and external customer experiences. 

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