Snowforce '19: All About Community

Phil Weinmeister | April 2, 2019

I was fortunate to have been selected to speak at Snowforce this year. I had spoken before, back in 2017, but 2019 was different: new presentation topic, new venue, and new attendees. In 2017, I delivered a session on declarative development and the click-based keys to the Salesforce kingdom. In 2019, it was all about community. Sure, my session was about communities — Salesforce Community Cloud, to be exact — but the event itself was about community in general. Let me explain.

Snowforce, like a growing number of similar events around the world, is community-driven. Sure, Salesforce employees show up and there’s even a bit of Salesforce sponsorship here and there, but this type of event only happens because of awesome admins, devs, and users out there who want to bring together the local Salt Lake City community through Salesforce and other common interests. It’s pretty remarkable, really, to see 600 people dedicate a full day or more to this event. On the other hand, it’s not a shocker when you look closely at the event.

Here’s my take on why Snowforce continues to grow and is a unanimous success, according to attendees.

Salt Lake City is beautiful

That’s an easy one. Yes, it’s beautiful there. A big (but not too big) city surrounded by snow-capped mountains? You can’t go wrong with these views.

The session content was top-notch

This was literally a sample of some of the other presentations that occurred during my session slot:

Lightning Web Components And You (Chuck Liddell)

Got questions about the recently-announced Salesforce programming framework? Come chat with Chuck Liddell, DEX601 instructor and Salesforce MVP, and you might find some answers. Part live demo, part audience Q&A; expect a wide-ranging discussion contrasting Aura components and patterns with Lightning Web Components accompanied by a breakdown of what this means for you.

Advanced Use Cases for Visual Flow (David Litton)

In this session we will go over some advanced use cases for Visual Flow. The attendee will walk away knowing how to use Flows effectively with the Utility Bar, Lightning Pages, Buttons, and Communities. Some of the examples will include Lightning Component packages that will expand the power of Flow, but not require any code to configure.

Principles of Testing Every Admin Should Know (Curtis Carroll)

How much time do you spend on testing? As an Admin, you may not have time set aside. In this session, we’ll use the 7 principles of software testing to help make your limited testing time more effective. And to help you think about testing during design to improve the user experience.

I almost left my own session to attend those! Kidding, of course…

The venue was perfect

Talk about a great location! The event was held at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. The layout of the lobby, main stage, and presentation rooms were excellent: just the right size, centralized, and easy to navigate.

The audience was just right

That’s right – those who came had a place at the event and were able to find something to learn about. In my session, Introduction to Lightning Communities and Community Builder, I had an excellent group of individuals who were hungry to learn about the power of Community Cloud + Lightning. They even put up with a bit of pre-presentation humor from me (you have to fill in that time somehow!).

Pluralsight was in the house

Every session (with the speaker’s approval) will be posted and shared at for session attendees. That’s awesome! Of course, I was doing a live demo, so, of course, something unexpected had to happen in my session…


While I didn’t partake, Friday was a ski day for those interested. This is a unique way to get to know some of the Salesforce community. A great idea from the Snowforce team that is now a staple of the event.

Community Cloud for all

Thanks to the Community Cloud team, copies of “Practical Guide to Salesforce Communities” were shipped to Salt Lake City for me to sign and give away at the event. 50 copies gone in almost no time!

Snowforce will be back next year and, I’m sure, will be bigger and (somehow) even better. If you are anywhere close to Salt Lake City, definitely mark this one on your calendar for next year!

This post was contributed by Phil Weinmeister, Vice President of Product Management at 7Summits, Salesforce MVP and the first-ever recipient of the Community Cloud MVP recognition from Salesforce. Phil is the author of two user guides to Salesforce Communities.

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