Connecting Customers, Partners and Employees with Slack-First Customer 360

Paul Stillmank

Paul Stillmank, Founder & CEODigital transformations now include the need to collaborate and connect more efficiently across teams, geographies, time zones, apps, projects and so much more. Slack emerged early as a top solution for connecting teams, and these possibilities for changing the way business is done have been magnified since Salesforce acquired Slack. Following the conversations I’ve had with Salesforce since that acquisition, I wanted to summarize what’s been said and why we’re excited about this combination’s unlimited potential to transform businesses. 

Together, as they highlight in the acquisition press release: 

“Salesforce and Slack will deliver the Slack-first Customer 360 that gives companies a single source of truth for their business, and a single platform for connecting employees, customers, and partners with each other and the apps they use every day, all within their existing workflows.”

But what does that mean specifically for your company? Here’s how the focus on Slack maps to 7Summits’ strategy for creating digital experiences and how it will unleash your people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways.

Slack and Customer 360

The most obvious way that Slack will integrate with Salesforce is around Customer 360. After all, this offering is now being called Slack-first Customer 360. Slack-first Customer 360 means Slack will be used to help businesses create and manage their omnichannel digital experience. And that translates to Slack becoming the primary engagement layer for most of the Salesforce product portfolio. Key events and processes from Salesforce–like forecast updates from Sales Cloud–will be built as Slack workflows that users will access without leaving Slack. 

Imagine being able to work an opportunity in a deal room entirely in Slack but with Sales Cloud supporting your actions and decisions. Or swarm a case in Slack with Service Cloud informing your outcomes. Or collaborate with an agency on a campaign in Slack with Marketing Cloud supplying the inputs. These are just some of the ways that Slack-first Customer 360 will enable you to connect every part of your business.

Slack and Chatter

Chatter is excellent at providing a feed for particular records in Salesforce, including human- and system-initiated updates to those records and human conversations about them. But when you think about all the people and systems that impact a case getting closed, the scope extends beyond Salesforce and its users. That’s why we’re excited about bringing Salesforce to Slack in channels like deal rooms: the functionality is now going to be where the people who can get the work done already are. Slack helps to connect all of the systems needed to close deals, and we think businesses will see higher adoption of Salesforce functionality when it is surfaced directly in Slack.

Slack and Experience Cloud

Together, Slack and Experience Cloud will make the content production process much more efficient across all stakeholders, including external agencies and contractors. Slack connected directly with Salesforce Experience Cloud will proactively push notifications to users about particular content throughout the production lifecycle. Whether you’re just getting initial approvals or preparing for final production pushes, Slack generates value through time and cost savings from enhanced efficiencies. 

It’s easy to see the business value waiting to be unlocked by leveraging the connected power of Slack and Salesforce. Features and products like Chatter, Experience Cloud and of course Customer 360 are all made more efficient and effective when they are augmented by Slack’s diverse and dynamic functionality. The products will still remain independent, but partners like 7Summits will build and help you leverage powerful integrations to help you unleash the full potential of all of your users.

Paul Stillmank, Founder & CEO

Paul Stillmank is the CEO and founder of 7Summits. He founded the company in 2009 to become a category-creating company with the sustaining purpose to unleash people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways. Over the past 12 years, he’s positioned 7Summits as a Fastest Growing Firm, Best Place to Work and industry leader at creating digital experiences.

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