Leveraging Shared Information to Increase Organizational Trust and Collaboration

A Cultural Shift for a Productive Remote Workforce

Tiffany Brown

Shared information is a powerful tool within an organization’s culture that creates an environment of trust and collaboration. Staying on top of information sharing is even more important to culture and productivity when your workforce is remote. While more information shared with more employees is empowering, it is important to distinguish who, how and when it should be shared to ensure information is useful and usable for individuals and teams. When employees have trust in each other and your organization, it enables them to become part of the conversation and share their own information with their colleagues. In a company that fosters collaboration, employees are better problem solvers, learn from each other, and are more efficient, leading to higher productivity. 

When executed correctly, information sharing is a valuable tool that unlocks business value during times of remote working as well as in your normal in-person environment. Follow these steps to enable shared information within your organization. 

Plan and Create

Have a plan in place to ensure timely information can be shared with the right employees. It’s important to consider who the information is for and what their needs are. Determine the tone, how the information is communicated and from whom the information is coming from. Outlining a calendar for planned content is another tool for sharing information when it is most relevant for employees. With the right information created when employees need it, individuals and teams are able to establish trust with each other and leaders in their organization.

Identify Answers to Relevant Questions:
  • Have we identified our employee’s roles, tasks, and needs?
  • Have we outlined the intended tone, as well as where and how information is shared?
  • Do we have resources and time allocated to create the content of information needed to be shared?
  • Have we created a content calendar that aligns with our business and employee needs?
Select Appropriate Tools:

Providing your employees with a workspace that serves as an authoritative source of communications truth minimizes confusion and maximizes reach. Transparent communication and information sharing outside the traditional siloed approach of email has been shown to dramatically improve productivity. Information becomes searchable, findable, and referenceable. In the 7Summits Digital Workspace Bolt, features like News, Announcements, and Events enable your organization to quickly and concisely direct employees to the most actionable information.

Delivery and Governance

The right information in the wrong place significantly reduces the impact it can have on an organization. Ensure information is carefully and thoughtfully organized so that it is well structured and easily found. Often forgotten, it’s imperative to create time and allocate resources for maintaining information so it does not become irrelevant or stale. While some content is evergreen, most will need to be continually updated or even removed. As information is shared, foster collaboration and dialogue to instill trust among individuals and teams and in turn, become a more productive organization. 

Identify Answers to Relevant Questions:
  • Have we created a framework for how and where information is delivered and organized?
  • Do we have a governance model to maintain the content of information shared?
  • Do we have a dedicated space to collaborate and communicate about shared information?
Select Appropriate Tools:

An employee community cuts through the noise and retains the collective consciousness, while presenting the opportunity to communicate on a more personal level. Within a digital workspace, leaders can segment community members into Groups and post updates and documents solely for their respective teams. This ensures that everyone in your organization has access to the information, tools and individuals most pertinent to their success.

Developing an Organizational Digital Strategy 

At 7Summits, we’re experts at building digital workspaces on the Salesforce platform that strengthen workplace culture. Our experience in Change Management and Digital Strategy, combined with our pre-built Employee Digital Workspace community template helps us do that with more success and faster for our clients. Specifically designed to serve the needs of virtual workers, the components packaged in our digital workspace are fundamental to maintaining a collaborative and productive work environment, regardless of where colleagues are located.

While challenges may arise when trying to virtually enable communication, collaboration, and human connection within your workforce, leveraging a digital workspace will help to create a strong employee experience and drive business value.

Tiffany Brown is a Strategist at 7Summits leading digital transformation and user experience strategy through the application of design thinking and change management principles. She analyzes complex business problems, establishes innovative future-state visions, and builds actionable plans that ensure adoption and speed time-to-value.

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