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Scott Rojas Principal ProfileAt 7Summits, one of the things we’re most known for is our people. We’ve undergone unprecedented growth in recent years, all while continuing to foster a collaborative, employee-centric culture. Some of the employees who best embody our core values become Principals within the company, where they get to showcase their expertise and teamwork throughout the business. 

Learn more about Scott Rojas, a member of our Principal program who earned induction into the program in the area of Client Success.

What is your name, position and time at 7Summits?

My name is Scott Rojas. I am a Principal Consultant and I will have been with 7Summits for two years in November. I have been working within the Salesforce Ecosystem for six years working across many of the different products and Clouds (Sales, Service, Experience, Health, Marketing)

What are some of your areas of expertise?

I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades which helps in my role as a Principal Consultant as we are responsible for all work streams within a given engagement. My experience probably lies in delivery and program management: making sure that we are meeting our commitments and playing a role in being able to interpret business needs with technical resources (in a manner that is comfortable for them). This also includes the inverse, to take those technical discussions and make sure the business stakeholders are aligned on what (and how) things are delivered.

What types of challenges do you enjoy solving?

I love to ideate, to be in a room and talk through a business problem and start to work through solutions. It is that collaborative problem solving that I love.

What project or work that you’ve done at 7Summits are you the most proud of?

Answering that is like trying to pick your favorite child! I think the work that we did with a large healthcare provider and the solutions that we delivered there were major difference makers for them in the marketplace and for solving internal problems (like delivering secure HIPPA compliant interactions between providers in Health Cloud and users on Experience Cloud). There was not a solution on the Salesforce horizon at the time we built the “Message Center,” and I think this is something that we could potentially leverage as a product component here at 7Summits in the future.

What is your number one tip for a client undergoing a digital transformation project?

Do not underestimate the importance of Change Management and making sure that you are bringing your users into the conversation. You need to start allowing them to be part of the process and ultimately have vested interest in the outcome. You can have the most elegant plan and design but if you do not have adoption you will never see the return on your investment (regardless of whether those are internal or external constituents).

What is your favorite part about getting to work with clients on a daily basis?

The thing I love about working and collaborating with our clients is the vast array of issues and problems we get to work with them on. Every situation is unique and that is what makes things exciting, and why I love what we do. We get the opportunity to work on customers’ mission critical initiatives, and therefore get to have a very substantive impact on their employees, customer or partners

Where do you feel you’ve made a significant impact at 7Summits? 

Delivering for our clients and helping to promote and exude our values. It is important that we continue to focus on our customers and how we can deliver transformative value. But in doing that we are able to grow our internal relationships, mentor our project leaders and continue to be able to set ourselves up for the future

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Principal program?

My hope is that it is an opportunity to be part of more strategic conversations and ultimately continue to have a major impact on a wide range of areas within the business. 

What’s one fun fact about yourself that people might not know that you’d like to share?

I’m a huge craft beer guy. I really enjoy going around to different breweries and trying new beers (especially ones you cannot get in Illinois). The best of all is that I have been able to find like-minded Sherpas who have the bug as well. 

My biggest kick is to share unique beers with people to get their perspectives. I have been known to (on occasion) send a craft beer care package as a thank you to Sherpas on my projects who really enjoy craft beer as well.

Scott Rojas

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