A Salesforce MVP’s Recap of Dreamforce 2021

Jarrod Kingston

Dreamforce 2021 has come and gone, and while a lot was different than the past 12 I’ve been to, it was like a breath of fresh air (literally 😆). Being outdoors, with a smaller group and all on one street removed all the usual hustle and bustle. It was great to have space and time to have more intentional, in-depth conversations with friends, customers, partners and fellow #trailblazers. I feel very humbled and thankful to have been invited to participate in such a unique experience, and want to give a huge shoutout to the entire Dreamforce team for the COVID protocols and overall excellent experience they put together!

As I thought about how best to recap my Dreamforce experience I thought I would share my key takeaways from each keynote and session I attended, giving you a unique perspective into what a Salesforce MVP learned at this year’s event.

Dreamforce Keynote Address Recap

Let’s start off with the keynote. As you can imagine, this year’s keynote was unlike any other in person — the atmosphere and energy was incredible. Here are my key takeaways:

Dreamforce 2021 Keynote

  • The primary theme was “Trusted Enterprise.” How can your organization make the world a better place? I really resonated with this as 7Summits’ mission is to build experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives. Salesforce is using their platform to try and help improve the world around us with things like Sustainability Cloud.
  • The Digital HQ is here. It’s not coming tomorrow, it’s here now. We need to build Salesforce applications and processes that interact with employees where they’re working (hello, Slack!) so they can better serve Customers, Partners and fellow Employees. If you’re not doing this as a business, the time to change is now. 
  • It was also great to hear our parent company, IBM, be called out as a Trusted Enterprise and a trailblazer for how we’ve integrated Slack into the core of how we work.
  • On a fun note, Lionel Richie closed out the keynote with a few songs. Salesforce never ceases to surprise! 
  • You can catch the complete recording of the keynote here.
Dreamforce Sessions & Campfires Recap

Now for the sessions and campfires. There were many great options to pick from but here are the ones I attended. I encourage you to check out all the recordings now available on Salesforce+.

True to the Core

Salesforce Presenters
  • Parker Harris, Co-founder & CTO
  • Jenny Sacks, VP, Product Management
  • David Schmaier, President & Chief Product Officer
  • Bret Taylor, President & COO
Key Takeaway

This is always one of my favorite Dreamforce sessions and I was thrilled to see it continue. Most of the time was used by David Schmaier, the new Chief Product Officer (from the Vlocity acquisition) as he walked everyone through their innovative themes. My key takeaway here was the Salesforce Easy theme in which they will focus on making ease of use improvements starting with setup, configuration and implementation.

Design Modern, Intelligent Workflows with Salesforce & Slack

  • Jon Walheim, Global GTM & Industries Lead, Salesforce Consulting, IBM
  • Jenn Booth, Partner, Global Business Services – Salesforce, IBM
Key Takeaway

This was a cool session to see a real life workflow utilizing Slack and Salesforce together. My key takeaway is by bringing these two tools together you can make a large impact on employee work — bring the workflow to them within Slack and allow them to take action without ever logging into Salesforce. This intelligent workflow helps streamline work processes!

Dreamforce IBM Sessions

The Future of Admin Success

Salesforce Presenters
  • Rebecca Saar, Senior Director, Admin Relations
  • Jennifer Lee, Admin Evangelist
  • LeeAnne Rimel, Architect, Admin Evangelism
Key Takeaway

This keynote session was really engaging and took you on a journey from being new to Salesforce to becoming a Salesforce Admin to becoming an advanced admin. One of the coolest things I saw here was integrating Salesforce Flow and Slack — sending notifications to Slack from flow as well as embedding a screen flow within Slack. Things like this will really impact the way we work and I’m excited for it!

A Look Forward: The (Future) State of Salesforce

  • Corinne Sklar, CMO, IBM iX
  • Edward Schlicksup, GTM Lead, Federal Salesforce Practice, IBM
  • Jenn Booth, Partner, Global Business Services – Salesforce, IBM
Key Takeaway

A very insightful session as they discussed the key findings within the latest State of Salesforce report. One of the key things I picked up was intelligent and intentional automation with AI is key. We need to reimagine and rework our automation to ensure we’ve removed all friction points and connect the right information/systems with the right people at the right time. 

Dreamforce IBM Colleagues

Build Your Digital HQ with Salesforce Architects

Salesforce Presenters
  • Marc Braga, Principal Evangelist, Architect Relations
  • Parker Harris, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Susannah St-Germain, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations
  • Zayne Turner, Sr. Director, Architect Relations
  • Tom Leddy, Director, Customer Success Architect
Key Takeaway

This was the first ever Architect keynote and it was packed with goodness. Two key things I took away were the Salesforce library for LucidChart and Salesforce Product Roadmaps available on architect.salesforce.com. This session is definitely worth watching!

Get to know the New Salesforce Designer Role

Salesforce Presenter
  • Adam Doti, VP / Principal Design Architect
Key Takeaway

Design is an aspect of everyone’s role and something we should all have knowledge of. I really enjoyed this open discussion on the latest official Salesforce role, Salesforce designer. If you haven’t checked out this certification, I encourage you to do so here.


All in all this Dreamforce will forever be a special one regardless of where we go from here. Please reach out if you have any questions and would like to learn more about how 7Summits can help your business achieve new heights.

Dreamforce Recap Two MVPs


Jarrod Kingston, blog contributor

Jarrod Kingston is the VP of Solution Engineering at 7Summits and a Salesforce MVP. He has spent more than 10 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, accruing 12 certifications over that time period. Jarrod specializes in art-of-the-possible demos and has shared his expertise at multiple Dreamforce conferences and other Salesforce events.

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