Salesforce Blog: 190+ Fan-Favorite AppExchange Apps at Dreamforce ‘18

In a Salesforce AppExchange Blog article entitled 190+ Fan-Favorite AppExchange Apps at Dreamforce ‘18 by Amanda Nelson, Senior Manager, AppExchange Content & Community for Salesforce, 7Summits has two Apps featured as “fan favorites” from Dreamforce.Excerpt from the piece:“Each Dreamforce, we learn new things, meet new people and sing along with different bands, but there is one constant recurrence: those special moments that AppExchange likes to refer to as “appyness,” or pure joy. It’s reuniting with a friend you haven’t seen since last Dreamforce, going to Dreampark, and meeting.While these are not all the apps featured at this year’s Dreamforce, below are over 190 of these apps, components, bolt and flow solutions. All of these AppExchange solutions can help you extend Salesforce to almost any department and industry while bringing out the app fan in all of us. Bookmark, save, and dive into this massive list.”

Among the featured apps is 7Summits’ Product Enablement Bolt, which allows users to take products managed in Salesforce and rapidly expose them within a Community for out-of-the-box ecommerce and product enablement scenarios. In short, it’s a no-code product catalog and cart for Lightning Communities thatnot only provides a basic merchandising offering within customer communities, but also allows for sales enablement via partner or employee communities.

Also featured was the Ideas by 7Summits Component. This component empowers Community members to publish, showcase, and vote on great ideas. Companies benefit from leveraging the collective power of their communities to get actionable feedback.

7Summits’ suite of solution accelerators is composed of Lightning Bolts (Employee Digital Workspace Bolt, PartnerFirst Bolt, Student Engagement Bolt, Alumni Engagement Bolt, Customer Experience Bolt, and Product Enablement Bolt), Flow Actions (SlideShare and Social Engagement Pack), and dozens of Components, including: Leaderboard, Google Maps, File Loader, Events, Groups, Ideas, Members, News, Checklists, Current Weather, Social Share, Group SMS, Job Board, KB Filter, Video Gallery, LinkedIn, Partner Registration, Product Catalog, RSS/JSON Readers, Sitemap, and SmartMatch.

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