Salesforce and Slack

Two Titans of Social Enterprise Combine to Create Endless Possibilities

Paul Stillmank

When I founded 7Summits 11 years ago, it was at the very beginning of the social enterprise movement. Social media sites were sweeping through popular culture and their constructs were finding their way inside companies as well. I just knew that social collaboration was going to be a transformative way for businesses to connect, engage and share with their customers, partners and employees.

At that time, Chatter (Salesforce’s real-time, in-tool messaging feature) was a very new collaboration concept. Community platforms were in their early stages. Webex was a startup. And instant messaging was rarely used within companies. Fast forward to 2020 and these technologies are now commonplace – and that’s fortunate given the COVID pandemic. Customer Experience, Digital Workplace and the expansion of work-from-anywhere concepts have amplified social enterprise features to mission-critical status.

Digital transformations now include the need to collaborate and connect more efficiently across teams, geographies, time zones, apps, projects and so much more.

Slack emerged early as a top solution for connecting teams. Slack quickly became a favorite of 7Summits’ employees in 2015, and has now largely replaced the need for internal email. Since that time, I’ve watched proudly as both our Salesforce community and Slack channels grew to include all of our employees, client projects and partners. And that’s on top of using it to integrate many of our front- and back-office applications like Salesforce, Lattice, Box, JIRA and Zoom to name a few.

Salesforce Customer 360 graphic with Slack includedSalesforce has long been a Trailblazer in Cloud-based solutions and the leader in showing enterprises how to get to know their customers, partners and employees. They do this by centralizing their data to create amazingly powerful, user-centered, personalized and intelligent business applications.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that change is a constant in any business. As a Slack user and fan, a leading Salesforce partner and trained admin for 20+ years, I am beyond excited to think about the possibilities of combining these two titans of technology to help our clients unleash people’s potential to create, innovate and compete in entirely new ways. Stay tuned for more on Slack + Salesforce and learning about ways we can help you change the way you work!

Paul Stillmank, Founder & CEO

Paul Stillmank is the CEO and founder of 7Summits. He founded the company in 2009 to become a category-creating company with the sustaining purpose to unleash people’s potential to create, compete and innovate in entirely new ways. Over the past 10 years, he’s positioned 7Summits as a Fastest Growing Firm, Best Place to Work and industry leader at creating digital experiences.

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