From Serving to Salesforce, Roger Miranda is Ready to Keep Giving Back

For Roger Miranda everything revolves around his core value: helping others. During his 22-year military career, Miranda prioritized others first. Now, following his retirement from the U.S. Army, he is transitioning to a corporate career, which, for Miranda, means discovering new ways to lend a hand. 

Miranda started with the military out of college, serving for 10 years as a Field Artillery officer. Then, with an eye toward his post-military career, he switched to creating virtual training environments as a Modeling and Simulations officer, helping prepare Soldiers for real-world missions. In this role, Miranda developed valuable project management skills. 

As he turned his attention toward transitioning out of the military, he looked for ways in which his expertise would translate to the civilian job market. During this search, he discovered Vetforce, a Salesforce-run program that trains active-duty personnel, veterans and military spouses to launch successful careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. In Miranda’s experience, Vetforce “really, really delivers on their promise to help veterans.”

“Transition is always a very anxious time for anyone,” Miranda stated. “For me, the Army is the only job I’ve done since I graduated college 22 years ago. Vetforce was key for me because it gave me the skills to further my career. What’s more, it got me the internship working at 7Summits, which was a great way to come into a company where I could really learn through hands-on experience and asking questions,” he continued.

Miranda began his internship with 7Summits in March after connecting with the company at Dreamforce 2018. 7Summits allowed him to tackle a variety of different project management roles, honing the skills he acquired in the military and applying them to a corporate environment. 

Over the course of three months, Miranda was exposed to a handful of projects, like working on Vetforce’s front-facing community page. This unique opportunity allowed Miranda to assist with enhancing Vetforce’s digital experience, helping the people who had previously invested in helping him. This experience let Miranda develop his professional abilities in what he said was a “stress-free environment.”

“It was nice to see how different folks had their own processes and get exposure without being 100% responsible,” Miranda recalled. “It created an environment where I could make mistakes and easily ask questions. It was good to try and figure things out on my own, but there was always someone there that could help out,” he expressed.

With his Army retirement official and his internship at 7Summits complete, Miranda now has his sights set on helping people in yet another way. He is preparing to join Computer Futures as a Salesforce recruiter, where he’ll give back to the veteran, Vetforce and Salesforce communities by helping military personnel get post-service jobs. 

“The recruiting job isn’t just about recruiting to me. I have the shared military background and the experience of just transitioning out. I know what it’s like, so I plan to go back and provide them with whatever resources they need,” Miranda said. “It’s one of the things that just really speaks to me. I’m passionate about helping people, and I think that’s going to put me in a position to do that.”

From active duty to project management and now to recruiting, Miranda’s journey has always been grounded in that fundamental belief that he’s meant to serve others. As he departs 7Summits and prepares for the next step in his career, Miranda leaves those that follow his path with three core pieces of advice: ask plenty of questions, don’t be afraid to try, and know that you’re always good enough. Just like everything else that he does, he hopes his guidance can help, serve and inspire those around him.

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