Drive Engagement and Gain Insights by Letting Users Post Reviews and Ratings

To generate value for your business, you want to ensure that your customers, partners and employees remain engaged with your brand. You also need to know which of your offerings are resonating with your audiences, and which might need further adjusting. With an Accelerator like Reviews and Ratings you’ll encourage your users to interact with records in Salesforce and gain valuable insights by empowering them to submit feedback.

7Summits’ Reviews and Ratings unlocks the ability for your users to browse, filter, rate and review any item. Enable them to submit their own feedback, search and filter through those created by others, and access summaries of all ratings and reviews for your products and other offerings. By connecting it to other applications and objects in your digital experience, your business will maximize engagement and generate data-powered insights regarding ways to improve your business.

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Diverse Use Cases

Review and Ratings brings value to organizations regardless of their industry or target audience. It has numerous instances where it is useful, ranging from the obvious Amazon-like product reviews to ratings for training materials and job applicants. Here are just a few examples of how this Accelerator will enhance your digital experience:

Product Listings

When combined with applications like 7Summits’ Product Catalog, you can connect Review and Ratings directly to various product listings. Present products visually to customers and partners, streamlining the E-commerce and shopping experience for your buyers as they’re able to easily see feedback from other buyers.

Training & Classes

In addition to product listings, Reviews and Ratings lets you surface feedback on objects related to articles, classes and other training sessions that your organization may require. Enable users to review instructors, speakers, events, news postings and more. This allows your different audiences to both submit and view reviews and decide which materials will be most useful to their success.

Job Postings & Hiring

Another use case for Reviews and Ratings is the ability for your employees to seamlessly give feedback on job candidates. After conducting interviews, your users can submit reviews on job applicants based on various criteria for how they would fit in that position. Other interviewers can see that feedback, giving you a concise view of a candidate’s potential fit at your company. 

Flexible User Experience

Reviews and Ratings offers a flexible, user-friendly design that allows it to be customized to fit your organization’s branding. The default visual display for ratings uses stars, but you have the ability to change it to any other shape or icon to brand it according to your company. Attach images to further enhance its visual appeal, and surface the ratings and reviews as part of a banner or however else you want to display it in your experience. 

While you have the option to use this Accelerator to collect overall reviews, you also have the flexibility to set up various categories as well. This allows users to rate specific aspects of an object, and you get to choose which of them require ratings or additional comments. And when you use categories, Reviews and Ratings will automatically average out the individual ratings to provide an overall review, if you choose as well. The application also has a reviewer component which highlights the person who submitted it, and allows other users to view things like other reviews that user has written. 

Whether your users are buyers looking for products, learners in a training class or hirers looking to find applicants, the ability to present different contextual information gives you a well-designed way to generate engagement in your solutions.

Data-Powered Insights

One of the key markers of an Intelligent Experience is the ability to generate data-powered insights from your users’ interactions with your companies. Enabling Reviews and Ratings is a simple, straightforward way to do that. When customers, partners and employees submit their feedback, you’ll easily be able to see which of your products and services are meeting user needs, and which ones are resulting in sub-par experiences. Similar to applications like 7Summits’ Ideas, this enables you to make decisions based on first-hand accounts from your users.

Overall, 7Summits’ Reviews and Ratings lets you drive engagement and insights from your solutions while empowering users to submit their own feedback. You’ll provide positive digital experiences across various industries and use cases, and have immediate access to audience sentiment regarding your products, services and other offerings. 

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