White Paper

Tracking Your Return on Experience (ROX)

Complement ROI with a Metric that Measures Your Investment in Your User

Creating a modern digital experience requires cultivating a space that leverages collaboration and automation to delight all of your users. The need to invest in these integrated, modern digital experiences will only increase. To quantify the real business value of this investment, you need a new metric.

You need to measure your Return on Experience (ROX). Tracking the impact of key interactions over your users’ entire journey – from awareness to advocacy – lets you quantify the short- and long-term value that your digital experiences unlock.

Cover of the Return on Experience white paper

In this free, easy-to-understand white paper, readers gain access to:

  • 7 tips for building an experience that enables you to maximize your ROX, including understanding user behaviors, personalizing user journeys and enhancing employee experiences
  • Simple definitions and formulas that illustrate what ROX is and how it is measured
  • Tangible examples of what calculating ROX looks like in action