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When your customers, partners and employees interact with your brand, they want to be shown the best possible resources to help them thrive and quickly find whatever they’re looking for. Features like personalized dashboards and tailored knowledge bases help deliver this kind of experience, but using automation to match these audiences directly to what is most relevant for them is an even better way to do that.

That’s where Recommendations from 7Summits (formerly SmartMatch) comes in. Its overall purpose is to provide recommendations that result in an engaging, hyper-relevant experience. In short, this Accelerator looks at two different items or entities and identifies best matches between them based on common attributes. If you’re still not sold on the value that Recommendations unlocks, check out some of the real world use cases you’ll enable in your digital experience.

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Mentor/Mentee Pairing

Pairing mentors with mentees is a great example of how Recommendations enhances a digital experience with a more personalized touch and hyper-relevant guidance. This applies to clients in any industry, as the ability to customize this Accelerator to fit your specific needs gives it value in multiple ways.

For higher education institutions, you’ll match students directly with alumni or tutors based on similar courses and interests. Other companies leverage Recommendations to pair interns with experts to help jumpstart career paths and facilitate learning based on similar roles. 

And that pairing can go “both ways” in how Recommendations provides a match. If students need to find a mentor, they create a profile where they put in key information such as degree, courses, what school they’re in and other interests. Mentors then provide that information as well. Recommendations then looks at common attributes and says that “X” student wants to be a mentee and then surfaces three potential options. The app then enables outreach at that point (which can be automated or manual), facilitating those potential relationships to allow users to find, pick and choose the best ones.

Job Search

You can combine Recommendations with other 7Summits’ Accelerators as well, letting you further enhance the automation and personalization within your solutions. Combining Recommendations with Job Board, for example, provides data-driven pairings between candidates and positions. It recommends specific jobs that applicants should look at based on their skills, certifications or other data–saving them time from navigating through an entire list of open positions.

This combination makes things easy on you as an employer too. Easily customize the application so that it requires a complete match with the skills that a company requests, ensuring people only apply to jobs they’re actually qualified for. The employer then sees only the best fits, while candidates easily see only the jobs they’re allowed to apply for. And on top of that, you can also ensure that postings and candidates are sorted by geographic location as well!

Product Recommendations

Finally, a third use case of Recommendations is the ability to surface product suggestions that your customers and partners might want to purchase. You’ll gain insights into what a user’s interests are, and then Recommendations automatically suggests next product purchases or potentially helpful services based on those needs and interests.

If a consumer plugs in that they need a specific type of product with certain attributes, Recommendations will surface products that overlap with those requirements the most. And like with job search functionality, it can be further enhanced with other 7Summits’ IP like Product Catalog. It’s all up to the end user to select what they want, keeping them engaged while providing a hyper-relevant journey. Instead of just forcing the top one on them, it presents numerous options and enables the buyer to then pick what they want.

Overall, Recommendations by 7Summits lets organizations provide hyper-relevant, personalized experiences for customers, partners and employees in any industry. Engage your users by leveraging data-driven insights to surface the people, products and other services that are most important to your organization.

Explore more about this application on our Accelerators page, or reach out to 7Summits to see how to get it added to your org!

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