7Summits Racial Justice Statement

An Open Letter from CEO Paul Stillmank

Paul Stillmank

Black Lives Matter.

It seems like an obvious statement that anyone should be able to make and stand up to. However, it has become increasingly difficult to watch our society depict behavior that signals the exact opposite of that sentiment.

At 7Summits, our purpose as an organization is to “unleash people’s potential to create, compete, and innovate in entirely new ways.” That’s our guiding light as we work to create and nurture a future world where people, their interactions and data come together to create these remarkable effects.

This Racial Justice statement is an amplification of the opening phrase “unleashing people’s potential,” because we have created a society where black people’s potential is being stifled; where black people’s ability to lift themselves up is being limited; where black people’s lives are forfeit to ill treatment and violence. This must stop now.

Actions speak louder than words.

We all must get beyond the rhetoric and quickly. These recent events have incited a sustainable movement toward change and we must keep that fire fully lit. It is long overdue. That atmosphere of change is guiding us to zoom out as an organization and take a full accounting of ourselves and we strongly encourage all companies to do the same: being more hyper-aware of how inequality can manifest; actively working to avoid limiting anyone from opportunities to advance; being mindful to be fully inclusive and creating opportunities at every level in our organization, including upper management.

We have a great example of how to do this in our partner Salesforce. Their commitment to equality and justice in their own organization serves as a guidepost for others, including us. We want that same equality and justice everywhere. We are lucky to have an outspoken partner and example so close to our own organization.

At 7Summits, we are focused on getting beyond the rhetoric. For starters, here is how 7Summits is activating:

Human Resources. Human Resources is establishing a specific, anonymous HR hotline so that we can get immediate visibility to anyone who feels they have been subjected to any form of discrimination; further eliminating any risk of these types of behaviors in our organization.

Recruiting & Talent. We’re directing Recruiting to re-double our focus on actively recruiting diverse candidates for all levels and roles in the organization.

Marketing. Revisiting our tone, language and brand intent versus impact as we strive to reach and attract more diverse talent to the jobs we are posting. It takes a concerted effort to truly change who we are reaching so that we provide job opportunities attractive to more diverse candidates. We want you here!

Employee Training. We are actively pursuing training programs related to unconscious bias and equality in the workplace. That training will be rolled out company wide.

Actions speak louder than words.

These are the initial elements that we are moving on to be better as an organization, make change more visible, raise awareness, and make it easier for our black employees and all prospective employees to engage with us in more impactful ways and ongoing.

There is so much more to do here, but we have started. Please do the same. This is a call-to-action as much as a statement. We denounce the unfair and violent treatment of black people and other behaviors that we witness more broadly in terms of racial injustice. Black Lives Matter; so please join us to drive racial justice and amplify black voices in your company and local community as well. Do something actionable right now!

Paul Stillmank
CEO, 7Summits