Empower Customers to Explore Products and Drive Sales with 7Summits Product Catalog

As your customers and partners increasingly turn to online shopping, you need to make sure you’re providing a personalized, easy-to-navigate experience to facilitate their buying decisions. Intelligent experiences require hyper-relevance and data-powered insights to guide your customers’ journeys, and it’s up to your organization to leverage available technology to create a positive user experience for these users. 

7Summits Product Catalog is a simple, start-to-finish commerce application that enables you to easily create a user-friendly experience with configurable product listings. Any industry that has products and services, including manufacturing, high tech, financial services and higher education, is able to manage and display their offerings easily with this Accelerator. Read on to discover the use cases and value that Product Catalog will unlock for your business. 

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Simple Product Purchasing

The most common sense use for 7Summits Product Catalog is to streamline processes for searching, browsing and buying products and services. Regardless of your industry, this Accelerator presents your offerings in an easy-to-navigate way that includes branding that matches your entire experience. Easily add product detail pages to answer user questions and keep them informed, all in an experience that is completely mobile-friendly as well. 

Add-to-cart functionality progresses the buying journey for your users, as buyers will easily navigate to their cart, adjust quantities and can even complete the checkout process with some additional customization. With 7Summits Product Catalog, you’ll ensure a streamlined, start-to-finish experience free of frustration that keeps customers returning (which drives even more revenue for your business!).

Internal Sales

Product Catalog also helps with internal selling processes as well. With Salesforce’s out-of-the-box functionality, your salespeople simply get a list of text with names of products that isn’t presented well. But this Accelerator lets you present an actual catalog with images and descriptions to your salespeople, helping them know what to focus on selling during a given time. Post things like featured products, and share incentives or commission increases for those offerings directly on the catalog listing. You can also use the connected CRM data to show them what customers are buying to help with cross- and up-sell opportunities.

High Touch Scenarios

7Summits Product Catalog is also effective for scenarios that aren’t as simple as just clicking on a cheap product and adding it to cart. For more high touch purchases, such as expensive offerings, you might want an AE to work directly with potential buyers. Product Catalog lets you enable these features in your experience, offering things like a suggestion button that sends a notification email to a representative at your company that will help walk customers through a purchase. And after talking with a real person, that AE or other salesperson can add items directly to a customer’s cart and have it appear when the customer refreshes the page. These connected experiences ensure that your buyers have seamless, easy-to-use experiences from start to finish.

Overall, 7Summits Product Catalog lets you showcase products with personalized filtering and sorting–all while ensuring your customers see the items that are most relevant to them. You’ll make the buying journey easy regardless of industry, driving sales for your business and empowering customers to self-serve with a user-friendly commerce experience.

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