7Summits Continues to Shine

Achieves Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner Status

Paul Stillmank

And the hits keep coming! I had the distinct pleasure to announce just a few months ago – in June 2018 – that 7Summits achieved Gold partner status with Salesforce. Fast forward (and wow does it seem fast…) to today, just eight months later, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude, pride and excitement to announce that 7Summits is now a Platinum partner.

I am grateful because I watched our employees push themselves to achieve higher levels of client satisfaction, to complete more certifications, and to explore more innovative solutions. Did they do this to help 7Summits achieve platinum status? No. I would argue they did those things because putting “Customer Value First,” “Embracing the New” and “Solving for X!” are the core values that our people live every day. I want to thank every single member of the 7Summits team for all they have done to help us get here and for the foundation they have created that will endure as we go much further.

I am full of pride because we accomplished Platinum status our way. Any speculation that our deep focus on communities might limit our ability to reach this status should be put to rest.

Creating audience-centered solutions is the key to delivering business value for our customers.

That means an integrated approach where audience engagement delivers business value right away; and the resulting data generated by that engagement informs insights that unlock even more value over time. That is what has gotten us here.   

Before it was popular, we were evangelists for bringing people together, in a digital space, to build your business for you. Back in 2009, long before artificial intelligence was a reality, we were driven by the value that tracking, analyzing and understanding the interactions of your users could bring to an organization. Fast forward a full decade and the rest of the digital world has finally joined us.

Finally, I am full of excitement because of what I can see on the horizon. Achieving Platinum status is an important milestone, but it is not our final destination. We are building on that audience-centered philosophy to create what we call the Transformation Experience: personalized; intrinsic value motivated, with data-driven engagement. So we are going to keep getting better. We are going to keep innovating to the next level. We are going to keep driving business value for our clients. And we are going to keep Unleashing People’s Potential to Create, Compete, and Innovate in Entirely New Ways. That’s our purpose!

The Salesforce platform and all of its capabilities continue to astound us with every release, providing functionality that help us meet our clients challenges faster than ever. And we’re going to be right there with them, developing Lightning Components, Bolts, Apps and Flows, and whatever comes next. These solution accelerators are a vital part of what we do and how we do it. Expect to see more of them showcasing an even greater array of capabilities for more diverse audiences across a range of industries.

Stay tuned. We’re still climbing to that next Summit and we hope you’ll join us in the incredible journey ahead.

Paul Stillmank
CEO, 7Summits
Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

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