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BizTimes Milwaukee Shares Paul Stillmank's Growth Strategies

7Summits CEO Paul Stillmank recently keynoted BizTimes Media’s M&A Forum on March 12, sharing his insights on how businesses can successfully build sustainable scale. During his address, he discussed the importance of three key strategies: a focused go-to-market, a defined offering set, and a predictable bookings motion. 

In an article posted on Monday, BizTimes Milwaukee detailed some of the strategies that Paul used at 7Summits to grow his own company. After recapping some of 7Summits’ recent award-winning growth, the story dove into the important takeaways that he shared as the keynote speaker at the M&A Forum.

An excerpt from the article can be found below: 

Over the past decade, 7Summits has had to reinvent itself, revamping its offering set and go-to-market to show that its strategies can be scaled and deployed for even the largest of companies.

“We had to swap out the engine while this thing was in flight with a full team of folks with salaries and everything,” Stillmank said. “All these things were changing, but what held it together was the core tenets of the culture.”

For Stillmank, culture isn’t just team-building activities and amenities in an office space. It’s ensuring that everyone on staff understands not only the company’s mission, but also its strategies for attracting clients, which leads back to his core principles.

“To me all of these things are cultural,” Stillmank said. “Core values, culture and purpose is all part of it. My entire staff understands this go-to-market. They all live it, breathe it, they all understand what it means to empower a customer or enable an employee.”

Stillmank began cultivating the company’s culture within the first two years of starting 7Summits. For example, he had the entire staff read the book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” and then applied those principles to shape important aspects of the company’s culture.

The full article can be read at https://biztimes.com/7summits-ceo-shares-strategy-behind-companys-rapid-growth/

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