Customer Community Adoption

Enhancing the Onboarding Process to Engage Community Members

Jason Gibbs

Whether companies are launching a digital experience for the first time or simply trying to revitalize an existing one, user adoption can be challenging. Far too often organizations of all sizes struggle with both driving customers to the community and enticing them to participate on a regular basis. This has become especially difficult as users expect personalization and hyper-relevance that exist with Intelligent Experiences. It’s no longer enough to just suggest next steps and helpful resources; you need to surface the exact materials they need at the exact time they need it. 

This was the dilemma that one of our clients was attempting to solve. Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company, already had an online customer community with a decent amount of user logins: around 65,000 within the first year. One of the hurdles for them was getting new users engaged in groups.

Community groups provide a lot of value, as they can be used to promote organizational updates and new product launches. After a deep analysis of Tenable’s community and its users, we determined that low group engagement was due to a lack of awareness about groups and their value.

We moved forward with the question “How might we capture a user’s attention at the right point in their adoption journey to drive awareness about the value of community groups?” We believed surfacing this information during the onboarding process would maximize awareness and group involvement. An onboarding component would help to streamline this process and enhance the UX, because it allows companies to: 

  • Immediately draw the user’s attention at first login of the community
  • Focus on the most important aspects of the community’s value proposition
  • Enable users to take a few actions that would help build their profile, know which groups they could join, and follow topics they are most interested in

Our UX Design team knew that this onboarding popup modal had to be simple, easy to use, and allow the user to get through the onboarding process as fast as possible to keep their attention. To address Tenable’s needs, 7Summits quickly designed and deployed an onboarding solution.

The component provided a variety of key capabilities to the onboarding process: 

  • A formal, mobile-enabled experience that walks users through an (up to) eight-step journey.
  • Configurable branding and labels
  • Progress tracking that also displayed on user records
  • Encouraged involvement in different topics.

Tenable leveraged a seven-step flow in their customized component, guiding users through profile creation and allowing them to subscribe to categories, groups and notifications. 

Within 15 days of launching the onboarding component into Tenable’s community, they experienced 50% growth in group membership.

In that same timeframe, 1,500 users completed the entire onboarding flow and another 1,000 people had started it. The issues of low adoption and engagement were no longer Tenable’s primary concern, as 7Summits’ onboarding component helped users familiarize with and adopt the community quickly. 

It was a small feature added to a community, but it made a tremendous impact that enhanced the user experience and improved ROI–and ROX–for the organization. With tools that leverage data-powered insights like the Onboarding Accelerator, companies like Tenable are able to go beyond simple ROI and multiply their Returns on Experience for years to come.  Encouraging community members to engage with your company is good; providing a streamlined, easy-to-use tool to directly support adoption and involvement is much better.

Jason Gibbs is the Director of Business Analysis & Architecture at 7Summits. He brings years of experience working with and leading these teams, ensuring seamless alignment of solutions with business needs.

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