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Medium: Inspirational Advice from Trailblazing Partner Phil Weinmeister

7Summits Vice President of Product Management Phil Weinmeister was recently named one of Salesforce’s newest Trailblazing Partners, recognizing his ability to drive change and inspire others through innovation, by transforming customer experiences and by growing his career. 

To showcase its newest group of Trailblazers, Salesforce recently featured insights from Phil and four of his peers in an article on their Medium blog “Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem.” The article, titled “Inspirational Advice and Stories from Trailblazing Partners: An Interview” includes responses to questions related to being named a Trailblazer and how best to continue learning and growing.

Excerpts from Phil’s interview answers:

“What does being a Trailblazer mean to you?

Being a trailblazer, to me, means being a pioneer, boldly innovating, and, most importantly, thoughtfully providing a useful example and path for others.

How do you continue to learn and grow?

Be an active member in the Trailblazer Community. Attend and participate in community user groups, Dreamin’ gatherings, and Salesforce events. Read, read, read…especially release notes. After getting involved and learning whatever I can, I turn that around and share it with 7Summits and the entire Salesforce community through blog posts, videos, and presentations.

How does your company share a mutual desire for Salesforce’s core values?

7Summits fosters a culture of innovation and opportunity that is ultimately focused on driving customer success. Our mission is to create online community experiences that transform businesses and enhance people’s lives, which I believe aligns extremely closely with Salesforce’s culture and goals.

What are some challenges and how did you overcome them?

In order to innovate, we have to push the platform to the limit. This requires close partnership with Salesforce, specifically the community product and development teams. By building relationships with these teams over the years, we’re able to gather and share input and feedback in order to deliver even better solutions to customers. 

How has the partnership with Salesforce helped you?

The partnership with Salesforce has helped 7Summits to scale quickly, deliver top-notch products and solutions, and continuously innovate.”

Alongside Phil were responses from Jennifer Mercer of Metazoa, John Garvens of Emelar Consulting Group, Jason Lawrence of SalesFix, and Pat McClellan of Proton 7 Group. The full article can be found here.

See part of why Phil is a Trailblazer by checking out his latest book, Practical Salesforce Development Without Code!

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