Medium: “7Summits steals the show as a ‘Powered by Lightning’ app at Dreamforce 2018”

In a article entitled Is Your App Powered by Lightning? authored by John Belo, Director of AppExchange Technical Enablement at Salesforce, 7Summits is featured as a stand-out AppExchange Partner being featured under the new Powered By Lightning AppExchange listing designation.Excerpt from the piece:“For some of our AppExchange Partners, ensuring their apps worked in Lightning experience wasn’t enough. They decided to blaze a new trail — to take this amazing opportunity to embrace everything Lightning has to offer. They’ve completely designed their user experience for Lightning Experience primarily using Lightning Components and the Lightning Design System… Yet there wasn’t a designation that allowed them to showcase the great work they’ve done in Lightning. We’re happy to announce that’s changed. Our new Lightning designation for AppExchange Apps — Powered by Lightning — launches today with 25+ apps currently available on the AppExchange.”Among the featured apps is 7Summits’ Product Enablement Bolt, which allows users to take products managed in Salesforce and rapidly expose them within a Community for out-of-the-box ecommerce and product enablement scenarios. In short, it’s a no-code product catalog and cart for Lightning Communities thatnot only provides a basic merchandising offering within customer communities, but also allows for sales enablement via partner or employee communities.Excerpt from the piece:“For the second year in a row, we organised the Lightning Pitch Contest at Dreamforce, allowing AppExchange Partners to pitch and demo their apps in front of judges from our Lightning Product Leadership at Salesforce. Six partners made it to the final and 7Summits won with their Product Enablement app that supports both Lightning Experience and Lightning Bolt.

“This is the second time 7Summits won the Lightning Pitch Contest, clinching victory in 2017 in the Lightning Component contest. To no surprise, they have a Powered by Lightning app, showcasing how much investment 7Summits put into leveraging Lightning as part of their AppExchange App.

Phil Weinmeister, Vice President of Product Management at 7Summits, shared for the article:

“7Summits embraced Lightning a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. While it was young in the Lightning lifecycle at the time, we could see that this is where the innovation was and we wanted to be aligned with Salesforce. With the Product Enablement Lightning Bolt, 7Summits fully leveraged the Lightning platform, embedding extreme configurability into the app for admins and providing multiple channels for interaction of the platform. We built our components once and surfaced them in Lightning Communities, Lightning Experience, Lightning Flow, and the Salesforce app to satisfy multiple use cases and support multiple audiences without redundant development. The power of Lightning was a game-changer and allowed us to build something that simply wouldn’t have been possible on Visualforce.”

7Summits’ suite of solution accelerators is composed of Lightning Bolts (Employee Digital Workspace Bolt, PartnerFirst Bolt, Student Engagement Bolt, Alumni Engagement Bolt, Customer Experience Bolt, and Product Enablement Bolt), Flow Actions (SlideShare and Social Engagement Pack), and dozens of Components, including: Leaderboard, Google Maps, File Loader, Events, Groups, Ideas, Members, News, Checklists, Current Weather, Social Share, Group SMS, Job Board, KB Filter, Video Gallery, LinkedIn, Partner Registration, Product Catalog, RSS/JSON Readers, Sitemap, and SmartMatch.

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