7Summits, Salesforce Publish Ebook on Manufacturing Partner Experience

Partner expectations in the manufacturing industry have grown beyond manual processes, email exchanges and one-way digital portals. They desire highly relevant digital experiences that help them achieve their business goals. 

Today’s most successful manufacturers are not just maintaining partner relationships; they are delivering truly partner-centered experiences. 

To help this industry meet these complex, evolving standards of dealers and distributors, 7Summits and Salesforce teamed up to publish “Three Steps to Transforming the Manufacturing Partner Experience.” This new ebook guides manufacturers through a streamlined, step-by-step process to ensure their organization is unlocking and maximizing the business value of their partnerships. It is an essential tool to help these companies innovate and undergo cutting edge digital transformations that put them at the forefront of their industry.

7Summits and Salesforce leverage vast knowledge and technical expertise to inform the recommendations they assert in this ebook. As the leader in community-driven digital transformations, 7Summits has implemented dozens of solutions for manufacturing companies. Meanwhile, Salesforce has provided a top-of-the-line platform upon which these experiences are delivered, and constantly incorporates the newest technologies to continue enhancing partners’ digital journeys.

The ebook outlines a three-step process to achieve a successful partner experience. First, manufacturers should build empathy by envisioning a great experience from the partner’s point of view. Second, organizations must assess their current state to identify where they’re delivering on expectations and where opportunities for improvement exist. Finally, companies need to map out key areas to take action, which helps partners and customers alike. 

Charts, lists and plenty of informative details make “Three Steps to Transforming the Manufacturing Partner Experience” an easy-to-use starting point for enhancing the digital journey for your dealers and distributors. Your company’s success is intertwined with that of your partners, so providing user-centered, personalized experiences for them will enable greater business outcomes for your organization. 

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