Elevate Your Salesforce Experience with 7Summits’ Upgraded LWC Accelerators

Phil Weinmeister
Salesforce customers expect their solutions to be more connected, seamless and efficient than ever before. Leveraging pre-built apps and components in their digital experiences goes a long way toward achieving those goals. With a focus on optimization and innovation, 7Summits made major improvements to our entire Accelerator library in 2020.  

We literally rebuilt every single one of our Accelerators to leverage Lightning Web Components (LWC) instead of Aura. Lightning Web Components represent the latest in Salesforce development innovation, providing common web development standards and notably increasing performance. They leverage the newest Salesforce frameworks and functionality, positioning our clients for future growth on the platform. We also re-architected all of our Salesforce Lightning Apps, injecting new UX and design elements and shared, reusable components for efficient development and ideal user experiences. 

The decision to upgrade our Accelerators to LWC represents a major milestone for the 7Summits Accelerator Library, and it aligns perfectly with our ongoing dedication to provide both services and pre-built apps that enhance digital experiences.

 We’ve developed a unique offering set for organizations looking to establish or enhance their digital presence on the Salesforce platform. We are primarily a consulting firm (an “SI” in the Salesforce partner ecosystem), full of brilliant thinkers, designers and developers who can take an inkling of a vision and bring it into reality. However, our Accelerators represent an additional element to our offering that sets us apart in a completely different way.

It’s easy to understand how our Accelerators evolved to the point they are today. As we became established experts of the Experience Cloud space, we observed patterns among our clients that revealed gaps in the DXP and common needs among various organizations, industries, and more. We decided that it made more sense to invest our knowledge, expertise and capabilities into addressing these pervasive client needs for the long-term, and 7Summits Accelerators were born. The Accelerator library was launched in 2016, boasting core enterprise applications like News, Events, Ideas, Members and Groups. At the time, these Accelerators lived up to their name by speeding up otherwise lengthy custom builds, cutting final development times by hundreds of hours; and now, with their full evolution to LWC apps, that value is further magnified. 

This industry-leading innovation is nothing new for 7Summits either. Our dedicated product team is laser-focused on true product development while adhering to (and pushing forward) industry standards. Back in 2016, when Salesforce Lightning technology was new, we built 100% of our Accelerators in Lightning. While many organizations were stuck in the Visualforce motion, 7Summits realized that while the new tech had some risk, the reward for the innovation would be great for our customers, partners and us. Later that year, we become one of the first partners to design, develop and launch a Lightning Bolt, which delivered templated, industry-based solutions. 

These Bolts entered a space that combined both SI and ISV elements in one offering–a space in which 7Summits now comfortably sits. After releasing our PartnerFirst Bolt back then, we’ve delivered eight additional ones across industries and audiences. They contain a slew of new and enhanced Accelerators, including enterprise apps like SmartMatch (a match-making app), Job Board and Learning Adventure (guided learning paths) and smaller apps like Guide Me (basic in-app guidance), social media connectors (presentation of social content), and Q&A (auto-response of suggested conversations, feeds and more). 

Product innovation is nothing new to 7Summits, and the decision to strip down our Accelerators and rebuild them as LWC apps simply marks the next step in that evolution. We look forward to continue iterating and improving these offerings to help clients extend Salesforce’s ability to deliver user-centered experiences. 

Phil Weinmeister, blog contributor

Phil Weinmeister is the VP of Product Management at 7Summits. He is a Salesforce MVP with 20 certifications and has authored three books that guide readers through leveraging Salesforce in their digital solutions.

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