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7 Reasons to Switch to Lightning Experience

Cece Adams

Hey everyone, it’s Cece A., the BA here to talk to you about Lightning Experience in Salesforce. For those that don’t know, I am part of the 2020 cohort of Lightning Champions so this is a topic near and dear to my heart. Those of us who have been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for years are probably most familiar–and most comfortable with–Salesforce Classic.

Lightning Conversion: Salesforce Classic

But in 2014, Salesforce introduced Lightning Experience and the game changed forever.  Lightning is sleek, fast, and very, very pretty. Many companies jumped on board the Lightning train, but there are still some that haven’t yet pulled the trigger and fully converted to Lightning Experience (LEX). Organizations were not “wrong” for sticking with Classic. There were plenty of good reasons to delay a full conversion: from fears over losing data and customizations to not wanting to undertake a long project. 

That being said, the benefits of converting to Lightning far outweigh the costs of doing so.

Companies that move to LEX unlock many quantifiable benefits, including higher ROI and sales numbers, improved customer satisfaction and net promoter score, and reduced service costs.

But while the tangible benefits are obviously good for your business, the features and functions available on Lightning–as well as the new ones that will continue to be added while Classic is being deprecated–are what really makes converting essential for your users and the future of your organization.

I’m here to talk about why it’s time for the companies who are still on Classic to finally make that conversion. There are PLENTY of reasons to, but I’ll be narrowing down the top seven (in no particular order) to make the switch to Salesforce Lightning.

1. Salesforce Innovation Lies within Lightning Experience

Salesforce Classic is the staple. It’s where a lot of us began our Salesforce adventure, however, like all good things, it is coming to an end and we must begin to move on. Salesforce continues to grow and evolve, but the company has elected not to invest in further innovation on Salesforce Classic. To successfully leverage the exciting features and functions the platform will continue to unveil, companies must embrace Salesforce’s future: Lightning Experience. New Lightning functionality is made available in every release, while Salesforce Classic will no longer receive these updates.

Lightning Conversion: LEX

2. Improved UI

The Lightning UI is more dynamic and sleeker than Salesforce Classic. Designed to align with the mobile interface, Lightning is intended to make your Salesforce experience seamless no matter what device is being used. And put your “it’s just a new interface” worries to rest; Lightning comes full of features that deliver innovation, productivity and flexibility to all users.

Lightning Conversion: Side by Side

3. Sales Path and Kanban improve Sales Productivity

The Sales Path allows Admins to define the key stages a lead or opportunity needs to complete. It also allows the highlighting of the most important fields that need to be completed by stage. This helps reps enter key information faster and close deals more quickly. 

Lightning Conversion: Sales Path

The Kanban allows users to easily manage records from the List View. It allows them to use drag and drop functionality to group like records together and identify the records that need your attention immediately. 


Lightning Conversion: Kanban

4. Better Duplicate Account Management

Duplicate Management (DM) is key for any organization to maintain clean data. Salesforce makes DM more visual in Lightning Experience. Users can add the Potential Duplicates component to a page via the Lightning App Builder. Identified Potential Duplicates can be merged quickly and easily, on various objects including accounts (person and business), contacts and leads. 

Lightning Conversion: Account Management

Lightning Conversion: Duplicate Account Management

5. Reports and Dashboards Look Better and Cleaner

Salesforce’s Standard Reports and Dashboards object produces reports that just look better in Lightning. While the information is the same, things like more robust charts and more visually appealing dashboards make for a better reporting experience. Additionally, one fun side effect is that reports will look exactly the same in Mobile as they do on desktop. 

Lightning Conversion: Dashboards

6. Lightning Communities

When we mention Lightning Communities, we aren’t saying that you NEED Lightning Experience to use communities on the Lightning framework. However, they do go hand in hand when coupled together. There are many Lightning-built components that are available for use in Lightning Experience, which offers users a streamlined experience from the Community to a Lightning Experience enabled org. 

Lightning Conversion: Communities

7. Dynamic Forms improve Page Layout Creation & User Experience

Admins/Developers will love this feature: Dynamic Forms! Released in Spring ‘20, Dynamic forms allow Admin users to place fields and sections wherever they want on the page layout. Page performance improves when fields/sections are loaded into accordion components, and visibility rules can be used to show and hide fields and sections. Note: Dynamic Forms available for Custom Objects only at this time. 

Lightning Conversion: Dynamic Forms

So, why not get ahead of the curve and start investing in Lightning now?! 7Summits has highly skilled resources available and ready to help your organization move into the future with Lightning Experience. Contact us now to begin your own Lightning journey!

CeCe Adams, blog contributor

Cece Adams is a Business Analyst at 7Summits and Salesforce Lightning Champion. In addition to putting the “C” in Salesforce CPQ, she brings over a decade of Salesforce experience using Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales/Service Cloud, and Lightning Experience to help improve internal and external customer experiences.

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