Accelerate Guided Learning with 7Summits’ Interactive Learning Adventure

When you bring new members into your digital experience or online community, you want to be able to get them up to speed and acclimated as quickly as possible. This onboarding often involves needing to teach your employees, customers or partners about a product, process or offering quickly, all while tracking their progress along the way. 

The old way of doing this would involve manual, often tedious processes. But by leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform, you’ll be able to implement solutions that help accelerate these types of trainings with configurable, interactive learning journeys. Apps like 7Summits’ Learning Adventure enable you to track progress on getting certified, trained, equipped or whatever else you want to call it on particular products or activities. 

Read on to see how the Learning Adventure Accelerator gets your teams up to speed faster.

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Partner Community Onboarding

One of the best uses of Learning Adventure is to help onboard users to their respective community. When you bring in new partners to work with your organization, you need them to quickly adapt to your systems, processes, products and training. Learning Adventure lets you set these things up with individually-tailored flows, all while enabling your organization to track the progress of each new partner. 

Your organization will create different resource templates and give specific partners access to them. This lets you build different versions of onboarding or certification processes based on who or what those resellers, distributors, dealers and other partners are. Or if your processes are more uniform across your organization, you can easily give everyone the same flow as well. 

With Learning Adventure, your organization gains visibility into where these individuals are, helping you validate their completions and keeping them on track for success. And these flows work long beyond initial on boarding too! After your partners are fully acclimated to the community, Learning Adventure can be used to help them get new information and train on new products, services and other offerings.

Software Training & Certifications

Let’s say you have a new application that you need your people to start using, or a software that you’ve subscribed to and want to ensure your people leverage it properly. Learning Adventure lets you give users self-paced training paths that enable them to do just that. 

While you might be wondering how this offering differs from something like Salesforce’s Trailhead, the flexibility of Learning Adventure is what sets it apart. Trailhead is a self-contained LMS in Salesforce, whereas Learning Adventure is more like a container and its content can be anywhere (even outside of Salesforce). So something like a support community for your organization can offer badges to complete training, which would get called out and recognized in your experience. This is configurable for your company, and drives engagement and retention in your solutions. 

Gamified Employee Journeys

Learning Adventure also makes it easy to onboard your own employees with gamified journeys. When you hire people, you can list required onboarding items in any sequence with whatever name you want, and give your new hires the option to mark with a single click whether they did certain activities or not. This keeps them on track to do great work faster, and gives you the transparency to see their progress. 

Learning Adventure also provides configurability to ensure everything matches the standards of your company. You can customize icons to make the journey more visually engaging and on brand, ensuring that boring checklists are no longer a part of your experience. You’ll group activities more modularly, separating them by topics or timelines. For example, this lets you list 10 tasks to be completed in three separate months, instead of overwhelming people with a single list of 30 items. And on top of that, employees will be celebrated and rewarded for completing sets of tasks, which keeps them engaged and further encouraged to continue proceeding down their learning journeys.

Overall, 7Summits Learning Adventure Accelerator enables you to engage customers, partners and employees with an intuitive, individually tailored learning experience. Explore more about this application on our Accelerators page, or reach out to 7Summits to see how to get it added to your org!

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