Unleash Your Users with Intelligent Experiences

Riz Ebrahim

As modern technologies unlock increasingly complex (yet exciting!) capabilities, it falls on businesses to improve their digital solutions with user satisfaction as the catalyst. Today’s digital experiences require the next frontier of digital interactions, enabled by data, insights, machine learning recommendations, AI computing power and more. To properly leverage these innovations over time, organizations must invest in an Intelligent Experiences strategy for their users that unlocks immediate and long-term tangible business results.

Leveraging automation and collaboration to unlock data-powered insights reinforces your user-focused approach while empowering customers, enabling partners and unleashing employees.


Empower Customer Users with Intelligent Experiences

When customers have positive interactions with companies, regardless of medium, it boosts satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. In an increasingly digital age, engagements with your virtual brand become even more important. You need to give your customers digital experiences that are not only innovative, but meet their expectations for a hyper-relevant buying journey. 

Intelligent Experiences enable you to streamline service and support for your customers in many ways, including the following:

  1. Businesses can predict case volume and the support levels that will be needed based on related data that is collected, and turn these predictions into the outcomes that will improve the buying experience for customers.  
  2. Processes that once required manual intervention leverage technology like chat bots to automatically resolve low-complexity issues while capturing data for the organization, helping customers find the resources they’re looking for quickly and easily. Recommendations are made based on predictive models and past resolutions, delighting customers while simultaneously freeing up agents. 
  3. Intelligent Experiences let organizations learn from trends in article usage to help inform updates and gain insights into knowledge gaps. These insights are used to take action to provide the resources that will most help customers.

These kinds of capabilities help establish business processes that benefit customers. When executed correctly, businesses experience an increase in revenue due to higher levels of customer acquisition and retention, in addition to added cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Cost to serve also goes down, as these innovative capabilities enhance self-service support and support deflection on common inquiries. Finally, customer satisfaction rises due to more opportunities for ideation and feedback, which strengthens brand advocacy for your business.

Enable Partner Users with Intelligent Experiences

Implementing Intelligent Experiences also has profound effects on enabling partners of all kinds to be more successful. When given these data-driven resources, dealers and distributors gain access to better lead management and enablement tools. These smarter experiences bring benefits like collaboration and simplified self-service to partners, while adding revenue to your channel pipelines as partners see higher levels of product adoption and more closed deals. 

The smarter, faster capabilities of Intelligent Experiences help drive partner engagement by:

  1. Transforming deal-based insights into actions that partners should take to succeed, and leveraging automation to turn basic personalization into truly hyper-relevant journeys. 
  2. Analyzing frequently asked questions lets companies spot issues before they escalate across your partner network, enabling dealers to be more successful. 
  3. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis help determine whether commentary is positive, while Intelligent Experiences automate proper reactions and responses. 
  4. Ordinary personalized dashboards become hyper-relevant for partners. Analytics give them insights to take action based on things like certification status or how they can best serve customers at any given point in their buying journey. 

When properly implemented, these Intelligent Experience features foster a more engaged channel network that benefits both your partners and your overall business. Like with the capabilities that help customers, revenue increases thanks to better lead management and partner enablement resources. Cost to serve drops as collaborative forums and self-service options let dealers address each other’s questions. The smarter and faster dashboards and analytic processes made possible by Intelligent Experiences help increase overall channel performance.

Unleash Employee Users with Intelligent Experiences

While Intelligent Experiences help drive business value by delighting customers and partners, it is just as important to provide your own employees with the innovative capabilities that are unlocked when you implement an Intelligent Experience in your digital solution. Giving them streamlined access to collaborative tools and resources unleashes employees to maximize the potential in their own roles. Business processes like onboarding, development, service, support and are all enhanced by Intelligent Experiences.

Implementing Intelligent Experiences for your internal workers benefits your people as well as your business: 

  1. Leverage more effective portals and new avenues for feedback and advocacy to enable more effective communication. Intelligent Experiences let you avoid miscommunication while providing regular corporate updates that act as a source of truth for employees. Simple recommendations are able to be embedded in the solution and drive advocacy among your people. 
  2. Employees are given the means to easily collaborate with each other through public and private conversations and discussions. Feedback channels provide space for ideation to encourage direct collaboration with the organization. The insights you gather from these discussions are transformed into actions that improve your business. 
  3. Intelligent Experiences built on communities help companies build, reinforce and preserve a connected company culture, even for virtual employees. Innovative gamification elements contribute to a sense of fun and friendly competition that connects users regardless of how disparate they are.  
  4. Unforeseen circumstances can force companies to go suddenly virtual with little (or no) notice. With Intelligent Experiences, organizations mitigate risk and ensure business continuity by giving employees a solution that they can seamlessly transition to when necessary. Turning the data-driven predictions that are based on user behaviors into outcomes lets you prepare appropriately for sudden changes.

With effective execution, Intelligent Experiences unleash your employees to reach their potential and grow as members of your organization. Productivity goes up thanks to the enhanced capabilities that accelerate tedious, time-consuming business processes. Employee satisfaction increases as streamlined onboarding, training and support mechanisms are more accessible, which in turn boosts your employee retention. Overall, Intelligent Experiences let companies better interact with and enable employees to thrive at your organization.

Making your digital solutions smarter, faster and more innovative unlocks numerous capabilities for your customers, partners and employees. These features and functions result in tangible and intangible benefits for all of your users, enabling your organization to reach new heights and maximize business value.  

Check out 7Summits’ introductory, easy-to-understand white paper, An Introduction to Intelligent Experiences, or our free on-demand webinar recording to better understand the basic definitions and steps you can take to kick start your own journey to building more Intelligent Experiences.

Riz Ebrahim is a Client Partner at 7Summits who specializes in managing a portfolio of our high tech strategic accounts.

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