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Milwaukee Business Journal Highlights 7Summits’ Fastest Growing Firm Award

7Summits' employees at the Fastest Growing Firms award ceremony

Earlier this year, 7Summits was named one of southeastern Wisconsin’s Fastest Growing Firms for 2019 by the Milwaukee Business Journal. While the initial announcement simply listed 7Summits as one of the 26 recipients of the award, a recent article in the newspaper revealed that the company’s growth rate of more than 86% over the last three years is the seventh-highest in the area. 

The organization was recognized at a ceremony on July 18, and comes as 7Summits continues its trend of unprecedented, profitable growth. Since 2012, the company has now received 11 growth-related awards and distinctions. As 7Summits celebrates its 10th anniversary, it remains poised to continue on its trajectory while solidifying itself as the leader in experience-driven digital community solutions.

Excerpt from the article:

“7Summits Inc.

Type of business: Provides community-driven digital transformation solutions that empower customers and enable partners. Firm’s approach combines strategic consulting, user-centered experience design and technical expertise to improve clients’ business processes through collaboration and automation.

Main factors attributing to company growth?

7Summits has seen significant growth in both team size and revenue as its reputation for quality delivery of innovative solutions has spread throughout the Salesforce ecosystem. Skyrocketing from Silver to Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner status in a little over one year is a rare achievement of which we are very proud. We share our Salesforce partner status because recognition by Salesforce points to upward trajectory in both topline performance and overall company health, as illustrated by financial performance, headcount growth, breadth of platform expertise and client satisfaction. We view our Platinum status as a perfect endorsement that not only are we growing, but we are doing so profitably and to the betterment of the overall communities in which our people live and work.

Brief examples of challenges overcome to achieve growth goals? 

To successfully reach its growth goals, 7Summits has overcome three primary challenges. The first was transitioning from being closely aligned with the software platform Jive to being a standout Salesforce partner. By teaming with Salesforce, 7Summits has successfully maintained its reputation for being an innovator in creating digital experiences. Second, the company had to move beyond its reliance on a small handful of strong salespeople and create a scalable and predictable sales model. 7Summits has successfully built a go-to-market function that consistently outperforms. Finally, the organization has smoothed out bookings that are not always perfectly shaped by systematically adding Delivery headcount and amplifying back-office systems and analytics, leading to steady revenue growth that has allowed the company to operate a highly profitable business.

Has finding qualified workers impacted your growth? 

If so, explain how. “7Summits prioritizes creating a collaborative workplace that attracts and retains top-tier talent, and this decision has undoubtedly contributed to its growth. The company has been laser-focused on a two-engine recruiting process, adding talent through referrals and direct candidate outreach, both amplified through analytics. Hiring quality talent has directly led to even more high-quality hires, as 7Summits has strategically incentivized employee referrals. Better recruiting analytics have helped the organization add to its talent pool, as 7Summits today can better predict the numbers and types of candidates they should look at to find the best fit, added at the right time. The company has also invested in improved benefits, including 401(k) match and parental leave in recent years to solidify its spot as a premier workplace in a competitive ecosystem. By finding qualified workers and enhancing itself from within to retain those workers, 7Summits has been able to further its growth.

Future plans for continued growth? 

7Summits has a three-pronged strategy to maintain its growth momentum. The first facet is our ongoing partnership with Salesforce. The two companies’ shared focus on driving digital transformation at scale, combined with 7Summits’ digital experience expertise will allow 7Summits to continue thriving. Second, the company has established a scalable, predictable  sales model in which talented salespeople generate business results from both new and vintage clients. Finally, 7Summits’ people-first strategy, including first-class pay, benefits and meaningful career tracks, has made it a premier destination for people to develop their careers, both in Milwaukee and across the Salesforce ecosystem.”

The full article highlighting all 26 of this year’s winners can be found here on the Milwaukee Business Journal’s website, and the section detailing 7Summits is here. Both pieces can also be viewed in last week’s print edition of the newspaper.

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