Modernize and Automate Quickly with the High Tech Industry Pack

Today’s high tech companies need to be sure that they’re giving their customers, partners and employees the innovative experiences expected of a modern organization. They have to anticipate users’ needs and surface relevant information at the exact moment users want it, leveraging personalization and automation at every touchpoint. 

Building a digital experience with Salesforce helps you start unlocking these capabilities. Pre-built Accelerators like those available in the High Tech Industry Pack enable you to further enhance the platform’s power. With this Accelerator Pack, high-tech companies will more easily modernize, automate, increase user collaboration, reduce operating costs and drive innovation.

The High Tech Pack includes more than 25 of 7Summits’ Accelerators representing hundreds of original development hours. The applications were hand-selected and curated to bring the most value to a high-tech organization. In this blog, we’ll explore a handful of these applications and how they increase engagement for high tech users.

Expedition Pack

Like all of our other industry packs, the High Tech one gives you access to our Expedition Pack offering. This pack includes more than 25 components on its own, enabling you to improve the user experience and styling of your site. It allows for a unique, engaging and compelling high-tech experience, following strong UX design principles to meet users’ expectations for a modern look and feel when interacting with your brand. Customization lets you extend these capabilities even further with headers, footers, sliders, banners and more to enhance the styling of your digital experience.

Expedition Pack Screenshot

Learning Adventure

Learning Adventure Tech BlogThe High Tech Industry Pack also gives you access to Learning Adventure, a versatile Accelerator that enables multiple scenarios in high tech. For software providers, a critical piece of your digital experience is enablement. Learning Adventure allows you to surface relevant resources that get customers or partners up to speed. You can take a learning path or journey and design it out, including custom branding for your organization, to let users ramp up on training. Your organization is able to track users’ progress and ensure that they understand the latest updates on your products and other offerings. 


Social Media Connectors

The High Tech Industry Pack contains multiple social media connectors for sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, but the most notable one is the Slack Connector. This Accelerator helps improve the Salesforce-to-Slack experience, unlocking the ability to bring conversations that happen on Slack channels into a site on Salesforce. For example, if you have a sales channel on Slack where critical discussions take place, people might be missing out if they tend to interact primarily within your site. With this connector, Slack activity can be seen right in your site, and users can easily jump over and contribute to the conversation from either place. It is the first component of its kind where you can show Slack through a custom UI in Salesforce.

Foundational Community Elements

Ideas Screenshot High TechAny site built with 7Summits’ Accelerators has some key elements involved, and they are included as a part of the High Tech Industry Pack. Applications like News, Events and Ideas all align perfectly for tech companies. With Ideas, you get feedback directly from users on ways to enhance your current experience, products and other offerings. You’ll seamlessly crowdsource to let users vote on things that matter most to them. News lets you share information you want to convey to your different audiences, enabling you to share organizational updates with customers, partners and employees. And the Events application, which now integrates with Zoom, lets you promote in-person or online events to your different audiences. 

Overall, the High Tech Industry Pack lets tech companies launch a beautiful digital experience that exceeds user expectations related to engaging with your brand. You’ll extend platform functionality, accelerate deployment, simplify configuration, reduce risk and improve the UX of your digital experience.  

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