7 Ways Digital Experiences Make Your Tech Company Easier to Work With

Intense competition, pressure to modernize and automate, and an increasing focus on prioritizing UX while growing at scale are just some of the challenges that today’s tech companies face. More than 75% of tech customers are unlikely to do business with you if they can’t quickly find what they want, and 57% of organizations acknowledge that lack of system integration prevents them from giving users these holistic customer journeys.

These problems are diverse, but at their core they’re about making your business easier to work with. As you turn your attention to 2022 planning, embracing a consolidated, intelligent experience is the best way to achieve those results.

You’ll connect and improve the disparate systems that people find frustrating and confusing, which makes interacting with you simpler for your customers (and their customers too!). Here are 7 ways that a digital experience enables your resellers, partners, developers and other stakeholders to easily work with you, helping you realize benefits like developer retention, higher partner revenue and reduced operating costs.

Developer Experiences for High Tech

1. Foster Collaboration & Enable Discussions That You Own

One of the most essential ways to harness innovation with a digital experience is to streamline collaboration and communication among developers. A centralized experience helps you publish easily accessible content and automate the delivery of those resources to specific users. With personalized, hyper-relevant groups and discussion forums, you’ll encourage your developers and resellers to collaborate with one another to troubleshoot, answer questions and boost your brand reputation. 62% of users say that an active, visible support community increases their likelihood of making a purchase, boosting revenue for your business. And with a digital experience, these conversations all happen on a platform you own! Not only will you attract new buyers with a collaborative environment; an innovative experience reduces retention costs and ensures they keep coming back.

Boomi, which provides Boomiverse, an innovative platform to connect its users, needed an experience that drove engagement among its users. After migrating to Salesforce, they added features like regional user groups and modernized their existing functionality in an intuitive, user-friendly way. Their new experience helped generate 65,000 members, 320,000 monthly page views and more than 2700 submitted product ideas. Boomi’s results were made possible by the collaboration, ideation and discussions that took place in their digital experience.

2. Increase CSAT and Turn Your Developers into Lifelong Advocates

Simply getting your developer community to interact with your digital experience isn’t enough, especially in high tech where users are accustomed to seamless, hyper-relevant journeys. You need to add features that boost user satisfaction and turn trial engagers into lifelong brand advocates. 75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences, and 64% of customers expect tailored engagement based on past interactions. Embracing automation helps streamline these processes and boost CSAT, which will then lower your costs to attract and retain the important members of your channel. After their positive experience, they’ll be able to leverage collaboration features and forums to become brand advocates for your organization. 

3. Drive Engagement with Features Like Onboarding & Ideation

An effective digital experience for high tech companies will have features that keep your developer network and resellers engaged and involved within the community. To grow at scale successfully, you need to incentivize users to independently interact with your organization. Personalized onboarding flows help your buyers quickly follow relevant topics and groups, and gamifying your digital experience rewards users for their activities. Adding ideation mechanisms lets your community suggest improvements and developments (and you can gamify those idea submissions too!)

Cybersecurity software provider Tenable implemented a digital experience that included these features, and they were rewarded with higher engagement rates and better community adoption. Their experience generated more than 2.5 million unique visitors, nearly a million article views per year, and group membership went up by 50%. Tenable successfully overcame an uninspired user base to reach unprecedented activity levels in their experience.

Partner Experiences for High Tech

4. Enhance Functionality & Generate Revenue from Your Partner Ecosystem

Today’s high tech companies thrive when they build and foster a partner network to sell their products. (After all, the end goal of any successful business is to maximize revenue.) Implementing a partner experience unlocks use cases for your partners to easily interact with your brand. Companies that implement PRM systems see a 40% reduction in ramp time, 50% reduction in lead drop, and 33% channel manager efficiency gain. With a truly partner-centered experience, high tech companies boost partner satisfaction by enhancing the overall functionality and giving them a dedicated space to work toward their goals. And when you easily enable your partners’ success, you’ll drive even more revenue from your channel. So what can you do to empower your partners and provide the means for them to thrive?

5. Enable Partners with Training, Case Management and Deal Registration

In order to grow your partner ecosystem to generate significant revenue for your brand, it’s essential to enable those partners with the right tools first. You need to make sure they’re properly trained and onboarded and then supported as your network grows. Personalized onboarding flows help your partners access the groups and other resources most relevant to their role. Tasks like case management and deal registration are streamlined with a digital experience, and user-specific dashboards are surfaced directly there as well. With these use cases and resources, your partners will help you generate significant revenue.

Cloud data platform Snowflake unlocked significant revenue from their partner ecosystem by embracing the value of a digital experience. They deployed a community that facilitated self-service, case management, deal registration and tier-level management for their global partner network. This streamlined UX and fueled channel business, helping them unlock value that didn’t exist before building the partner experience. Engagement, channel influence and partner deals continue to rise, and a significant percentage of company revenue flows through the network.

Employee Experiences for High Tech

6. Boost Productivity & Continue Scaling Your Company

Implementing a digital experience gives your employees the tools to succeed, which continues to make it easier for your partners and developers to do business with you. Collaborative features like forums let your people share best practices and other advice, increasing productivity and accelerating time to market. This internal collaboration complements the automation that intelligent experiences unlock to let your business do more with less. Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable that those who have not. A digital experience enhances your scalability, letting you grow bigger while being easy to work with.

7. Provide Flexible, Adaptable Work Environments for Your People

One of the biggest impacts from the pandemic in 2020 was showing businesses the importance of workplace adaptability. After many companies reacted to these sudden changes, it’s time for the most innovative to remain proactive in how they handle remote working. High tech companies need to focus on speed, flexibility and agility in how they enable developers and other employees to work. An employee experience unleashes your people to thrive, regardless of where they’re located. That adaptability makes it easy to share necessary resources and information with employees, while simultaneously providing your people with the flexibility that makes them more likely to succeed and stay with your company.

Digital experiences have profound impacts on high tech companies, regardless of which audience your company focuses that experience on. Whether you’re looking to harness automation and innovation to streamline journeys for buyers and partners, or want to foster collaboration among your employees, embracing the value of experiences helps you stay ahead in the high tech industry.

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