Organize and Share Files Easily with 7Summits’ Files

When organizations look to store and sort their resources within their Salesforce solutions, many find that Salesforce Libraries are not sufficient for their specific needs. Companies want more granular control over who can access certain files, and Salesforce Libraries previously required you to grant access to everything or nothing within a library. 

With Accelerators like 7Summits Files, you’ll be able to customize exactly who can access different folders and files within your digital experience. Organize and expand file sharing beyond libraries, ensuring that your users are able to easily find and view the resources that are most important for them to have meaningful interactions with your business.


For your customers, partners and employees, the Files application lets them quickly find what they want and either download it or view it directly in the experience. It also unlocks a completely custom interface for searching, browsing, filtering and sorting different files. The user experience is tailored and personalized directly to specific users, letting specific files only appear if they have access while hiding irrelevant or private ones. For example, a customer who bought a specific product will only be shown manuals or guides about the item they purchased, instead of having to peruse through numerous other documents.

The Files accelerator streamlines processes on the administrative side as well. Your organization will be able to easily grant access to the exact file folders to the specific people you want to see them. This acts as a major security measure for your brand, giving you the flexibility to control precisely who sees what. This includes a view of different sharing criteria as well. Not only can you go directly to a folder to see everyone who has access to those assets, but you are also able to go to an individual’s account to see a list of everything that is shared with them. 

With 7Summits Files, your business gains an additional level of flexibility that is otherwise lacking from Salesforce Libraries–all without sacrificing the ability to build directly on the Salesforce platform. Give your customers, partners and employees individually-tailored experiences to access resources, and quickly and easily adjust how you store, categorize and share files within your digital experience.

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