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To generate value for your business, you want to ensure that your customers, partners and employees remain engaged with your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to promote, share and hold events that increase awareness and advocacy for your company. But for these events to successfully generate the results you desire, it’s essential to make it easy for your users to discover and attend them. 

The possibilities for hosting diverse events are more numerous than ever, and desire for virtual engagements is at a high point. Where they used to have a rigid implementation (either online OR in person), tools like 7Summits Events now facilitate hybrid experiences that enable both. Organizations are able to advertise and manage, provide personalized listings, integrate with tools like Zoom and easily track metrics like registrations and attendees. Discover how this event management tool unlocks different use cases to drive awareness, participation and advocacy for your customers, partners and employees. 


Industry-Agnostic Events

We’ll dive into how Events unlocks different capabilities for specific industries and audiences. But first, it’s important to discuss the common horizontal use cases that your business will leverage, regardless of your target demographics. This Accelerator features a personalized user experience that lets you customize listings to your own brand standards. You’ll meet the market where it is now regarding online events, as this application offers full integrated support for Zoom. From planning to post-event feedback, it covers the full event lifecycle for both virtual and in-person. Users can sort and search based on what type they are, with visual indicators and customized registration forms helping make for a hyper-relevant experience.

From the organizational side, you’ll be able to highlight speakers in unique ways to make them stand out while seamlessly sharing related materials for attendees and registrants to access. Capacity tracking is enabled, letting you see registrants and attendees for both in-person events (where you can cap attendance as needed) and online events (where the number of people likely has no maximum). The application also includes waitlisting, helping you understand demand and prompting you to open additional virtual sessions or find larger physical capacity. Overall, Events is robust in terms of the information gathering it unlocks and the ability to customize listings for different event types. 

Higher Education Events

The accelerator was initially developed as a tool for higher education institutions, letting them easily manage gatherings for students and alumni. You can create unique experiences depending on whether an event is a student-led social meeting, a specific class or another type of information session. The previously-mentioned capacity tracking makes it easy to determine whether repeat sessions or larger spaces are needed, and things like registration forms can be personalized depending on whether they are in-person or virtual.

Zoom integrates directly into the Events Accelerator, from planning and promotion to accessing post-event metrics. But even if your institution doesn’t use Zoom, you’ll still be able to leverage the personalized capabilities of the applications. Link information to WebEx, GoToWebinar and other tools are included in event listings, letting you advertise and promote the event directly in your community or experience. 

7Summits' Events

Customer-Specific Events

You want to share information with your customers, but directing them to third-party sites results in less direct engagement with your brand. This Accelerator lets you advertise and highlight corporate or other meaningful events–complete with all relevant information–directly in your customer community. They’ll have direct access to any supplemental or related materials to keep them engaged with your brand. 

Customers will also be able to see other customers’ attendance and interactions, which helps advocate for your organization. And these are insights you’ll have access to, as well. Your customers will connect and network with others who attend similar events, and you’ll easily identify successful or underperforming events to enhance your experience moving forward.

Other Use Cases

7Summits Events has numerous other ways that it will enhance your different digital experiences. In the corporate world, it’s great for employee-based events like social gatherings, training, and company-wide meetings. High-tech audiences leverage Events for user groups, filtering to specific communities within your digital experience that are most relevant to products or offerings. 

In summary, 7Summits Events presents a flexible, user-friendly experience that harnesses all of the power of Experience Cloud and your community with direct integration. The consistent look and feel across your event advertisements and promotions lets you brand everything to your company as opposed to relying on third party interfaces. The hybrid enablement of in-person and online events caters to the climate of today, and being built with Salesforce means you get all of the CRM data from the entire customer experience lifecycle.

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