Social Features Can Revive Intranets

June 22, 2012

Recently our very own VP of Digital & Community Strategy , James Davidson, contributed information to the article, “Social Features Can Revive Intranets” Published by Drew Robb on Enterprise Apps Today.  Here a few of  the James Davidson highlights from the piece discussing how social media can positively influence and revive dated intranet systems.

  • “Intranets are generally modeled after organizational structure/hierarchy (marketing, human resources, IT) or shared network drives, which is not a user-friendly way to navigate information,” said Davidson. “They start with lots of content, then add in multiple tools, disparate systems, logins and passwords, poor navigation and outdated platforms. Then you have a hard to use system, and employees will find other ways to get to the content they need.”
  • “Those that are successful with intranets utilize social elements to solve business problems. By tying the intranet investment to the business, it helps employees do their jobs better and easier, aiding in employee adoption as well as measuring success.”
  • “Make use of social media features such as tagging, rating, group document editing, private and public online groups for collaborating, instant messaging, blogging and personalization technology that provides customized content streams to the needs of users.”

Read the Entire Article to uncover more research and information regarding successful intranets.

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