The Shift from Employee Portal to Social Intranet

July 29, 2014

The Next Generation Workplace – The Shift from Employee Portal to Social Intranet

The once popular employee portal was designed to provide a single point of access to an organization’s knowledge base, but has fallen short due to static, out-of-date content or clunky user experience. In today’s increasingly connected world, the way we used to work simply isn’t working.

Employees currently spend 28 hours every week – not on Facebook, not playing games – but just trying to get work done. They trudge through emails, try re-inventing the wheel, and spend hours searching for the right information. For a company with 500 knowledge workers at $30 an hour, that equates to over 14,000 wasted hours and over $400,000 in payroll alone! Imagine what could be done with 14,000 extra hours per week. Why are we wasting these hours when we have the technologies to fundamentally change the way we work?

Enter the Social Intranet. The Social Intranet is the next generation of employee portal, integrating an organization’s knowledge base with social and mobile tools – increasing alignment, collaboration and productivity.

Differences between Employee Portal and Social Intranet:

Traditional Employee Portal Social Intranet
Outdated user experience with limited personalization and relevancy Modern and flexible user experience, Tailored to the needs of the audience it serves needs by mimicking the social tools they use daily
Content in deep hierarchical structures Content sharing and collaboration with flexible hierarchical structure
Limited user profiles – usually driving permissions Enhanced profile data driving personalization and customization
Silo’d information removed from the path of the user Pre-built Integration options to CRM, SSO, office and legacy systems to put content in the path of the user
Noise- high volumes of content and conversation with minimal metrics available to analyze behavior Insights- enhanced metrics enabling analysis of user preferences and needs

The Social Intranet is truly changing the way we work. The shift from employee portal to Social Intranet may seem daunting, but the move can be simple, and the benefits of having a connected, collaborative workforce far outweigh the costs. 7Summits’ Social Intranet solution provides an easy entry point for companies who are looking to transition from their existing employee portal to the new technology framework, but with a purpose.


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