5 Ways To Boost Productivity with an Employee Community

September 2, 2015

When you invest in a social intranet or employee community, you need to ensure that you’re using it to drive results.

One goal many businesses look to employee communities to help them reach is increasing efficiency and boosting productivity. Naturally, when workers are more productive, overhead costs remain low and profits increase.

But how should businesses maximize productivity with their social intranet or employee community? Here are five strategies to help you get the most productivity out of your employees.

1. Make Social Intranet Usage Routine

To harness the value of a social intranet or online employee community, you need your employees to actually use the platform. Once you’ve launched your platform, you should communicate with your employees to encourage them to use it. You should also make social intranet training a core part of your employee onboarding process.

Once your platform is up and running for a few weeks, gradually transition everyday processes such as filling out a time card or submitting an expense report to the social intranet. When you make your employee community part of your workers’ everyday process, you naturally drive them to use the platform more and increase its value.

Additionally, once you’ve transitioned the majority of your day-to-day processes to the social intranet, your employees no longer have to waste time navigating between different physical and digital spaces to accomplish routine tasks.

2. Use An Online Community Manager To Keep People Active

Just getting your employees to become basic users of your social intranet platform is only the first step in harnessing its value to drive productivity.

To truly revolutionize your business’s efficiency, you need to keep employees as active in the community as possible. Online community management increases employee usage of your social intranet.

Online community managers are able to look at your community on a day-to-day basis to determine what elements of the community are working and which are not. They help you make changes to your community so workers are active and productive. If hiring a full-time, in-house online community manager seems too expensive, you should consider outsourcing this role to a company with expertise in the field.

3. Use Your Social Intranet To Speed Up Communication

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the average worker spends 2.6 hours a day reading and answering emails. For most workers, that adds up to over a quarter of their workday.

When your employees are fully active in your social intranet community, they don’t need to spend as much time communicating with each other via email. Instead, they are able to post queries on the platform, where their colleagues may quickly answer them. Rather than wasting time emailing different groups of colleagues to find information or, even worse, sending a company-wide email, their communication is streamlined.

Additionally, when employees use your social intranet’s chat platforms to conduct digital meetings, they’re able to more quickly integrate content experts into their discussions. Simply pasting a user’s name into the chat enables employees to immediately bring that expert up to speed and gain value from his or her expertise.

4. Share Knowledge On Your Social Intranet

Most organizations have important knowledge resources stored in many different locations. This leads to employees needing to search for these documents and ask colleagues if they know where to find them. All of this searching creates a lot of wasted time.

When you store all of your organization’s knowledge documents on your social intranet, your workers already know where to look. The extra time they now have to accomplish their tasks leads to better results and greater employee happiness.

5. Use Your Social Intranet To Maximize Employee Engagement

When you stop wasting your employees’ time with email and having to track down documents, you boost employee engagement and satisfaction in your organization. According to an article on eXplorancemore engaged employees are “more efficient and driven to succeed.”

Additionally, when your workers are more engaged with your business, they naturally become less likely to waste company time. With 89% of surveyed workers report wasting 30 minutes or more per day, an article on Salary.com explains that giving your employees any incentive to squander less of your company’s valuable time is critical to increasing efficiency for your business.

Driving efficiency with your social intranet or employee community helps you boost business value and profitability. Use the five social intranet strategies above to make sure you get the most out of your workers and their time.


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