Leverage Data Dynamically with 7Summits’ Dynamic Content Pack

When implementing intelligent experiences, it’s essential that you create solutions that are data-powered and hyper-relevant for your individual users, regardless of whether they are customers, partners or employees. Displaying personalized content within your digital experience is an easy way to delight users and drive value, but you need the right tools to deliver these solutions. 7Summits’ Dynamic Content Pack enables you to quickly and easily add customization to your users’ digital experiences.

The Dynamic Content Pack contains five of 7Summits’ other applications available as a single install, adding value to other apps and objects in your solution. This complementary solution takes data from other sources and leverages it dynamically for specific use cases. Dynamic Content gives you access to five applications–Current Weather, Maps, Media, Twitter Connector and Video Gallery–that dynamically show data to drive engagement in your digital experiences. See how each application in the Dynamic Content Pack helps you tailor your content to individual users.

Current Weather

The Current Weather app enables you to increase affinity in your digital experiences with a personalized touch. Display current temperature and weather conditions for a specific location, which can be a user’s record address, their IP address or an organizational address. Instead of wasting time looking up this information on an external site, putting it on an account page surfaces it right away. From driving connections on sales calls with small talk to larger scale use cases like understanding how weather might impact opportunities or supply chains, this Accelerator dynamically surfaces Weather for quick and easy reference.

Current Weather Image


Dynamic Content Pack also gives you access to Maps, which unlocks a few use cases at the account level for your digital experience. You have the option to simply show where an account is on a map, with the ability to go deeper with street view. So if you’re about to visit a client and want to know exactly what their building looks like, you have that ability with Maps. Maps also enables navigational routing, letting you configure components to show a viewer user’s location and an account location and the best way to get there. As long as accounts have address data, you’ll be able to see if any contacts for an account are near you at any given time and display those concisely on a map.

Maps Image

Twitter Connector

Organizations want to understand what is going on with their organization as well as other accounts on social media, and Twitter lets companies share these types of updates immediately. By implementing the Twitter Connector from the Dynamic Content Pack, it’s simple and efficient to stay on top and aware of what’s going on with various clients. You’re able to surface specific Twitter feeds in your digital experience, helping you identify news and updates as they’re posted on social media.

Twitter Connector Image

Video Player

Videos let you display rich content instead of just having account pages with countless text fields. With Video Player in the Dynamic Content Pack, you’ll add another more engaging and compelling element to your digital experiences. It allows you to integrate videos from numerous sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, Brightcove, Wistia and IBM Watson Media. Whether you include videos that provide overviews of products, brands or organizations, or you simply show related information to clients and accounts, this accelerator helps drive engagement and interactivity for your users.

Video Player Image


Similar to Video Player, the Media Player Accelerator lets you feature dynamic video or audio content on any page. Configure component styling and allow users to play multiple files directly in your experience. While there is no video or audio player natively in Salesforce (which forces you to download attached videos), this solution lets you play these media clips directly. Drive engagement and keep your users on your account page, delighting them as they don’t have to leverage multiple tools to access the resources they want to. 

Media Player Image

With 7Summits’ Dynamic Content Pack, you’ll make your digital experience more robust and engaging for your users by delivering the personalized content that they expect from your organization.

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